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February Trip to Chittagong

I’m here at Chittagong once again, and this time my job is to conduct a technical training for local high school teachers. Teachers from 14 public and private high schools are supposed to participate in the training program. The venue is Agrabad Kala Kakali High School, one of the core ILCs of Relief International.
Here’s what I’m going to talking about in the training:

  • Overview of computer software and hardware:
    • Capability of computers
    • Hardware and peripheral devices
    • System and application software
  • PC configuration and maintenance:
    • CMOS/BIOS setup
    • OS installation
    • Driver settings and installation
    • Tips and tricks to keep the machines running smoothly
    • Virus protection
    • Backup procedure
  • Overview on networking
    • Advantages of a networked environment
    • Topologies, LAN, WAN, switching, routing, cables, sockets
    • Peer to peer networking concept
    • Security issues, firewall
    • Practical session
    • Connecting RJ-45 plugs
    • Hub/switch settings and installation
    • Connecting PCs with 10 base T cables
    • Sharing peripheral devices
  • Overview on Internet:
    • WWW, e-mail, bulletin board, relay chat
    • Connection types
    • Netethics

I gotta sleep early tonight, the training starts at 10:00 tomorrow!

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