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#Mastermind Re-registered

I have spent an awful amount of time and money for DALnet #Mastermind since 2001. I’ve wasted countless hours managing the operators, maintaining the AKick list, running advertising bots, adding new features to the Eggdrop and so on. And in the beginning of this year, I lost the channel. How? Simple. DALnet’s policy is that if a user doesn’t identify to ChanServ for more 30 days, then the nick expires, along with the channels he has founder access to. My nick expired, so expired the channel, and someone else registered it. I didn’t knew who the new founder is, until today.

dELT, an old DALnet user who was also an operator of #Mastermind registered the channel, using a different nickname. And to my surprise, he knocked me today, and handed over the channel. It all happened in less than 5 minutes!

I’ve been on-and-off from IRC all these days, but always identified to NickServ to keep my nick — but this time, I got way too busy with office work, and the sad thing happened. I got back one of my nicks a month later it expired, and still waiting to get back the other nick. Thanks a million to dELT, I got back the channel as well!

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