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I was almost going to order an iPod Nano, but luckily I came across some life-saving review sites. After few days of analysing information from various sites and sources, I finally ordered my iPod today — not Nano, but Shuffle. Sure Shuffle doesn’t have a display or a click wheel, but for a careless person like me it’s the best choice. Shuffle is virtually bomb-proof, which is just what I’m looking for. Nano is too delicate for me to handle!

iPod Shuffle

Laser engraving comes free with this $105 gadget, and my one will have my name engraved. I’m expecting the shipment to arrive by mid June.

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  • I've been meaning to buy a mp3 player myself, but can't seem to decide. Perhaps I'll look into the iPod shuffle myself! It would be great if you could post up a review of your Shuffle once you get it. IT'll be great to know whether Shuffle is actually good or not from someone who has one.

  • iPod, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle both has its pros and cons.
    Shuffle doesn't have a screen, and therefor you have to nagivate through the songs like a blind person. Nagivating through 250 songs can be a pain sometimes.
    I've used my colleague's Nano and my boss's Shuffle, and the sound quality is same. It's simply rocking.
    I ordered mine from, and my collegue ordered it from