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Toby Phillippe

Toby Phillippe is the newest “bideshi” member of BLUA. Originaly from Sacramento, California, Toby worked as an IT person in several firms in Washington DC and Silicon Valley. He’s now settled in Dhaka with his Bangladeshi wife whom he met at work while they were in USA.

I met Toby through BLUA mailing list, and decided to meet today to discuss about the upcoming Linux workshop at North South University. We met at Banani Halvetia and discussed about various IT related issues regarding Bangladesh. He’s a very friendly person, and showed his keen interest on helping our LUG. I wish I could get the same level of support from our deshi members!

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  • of course u'll get support, y do u 4get dat we bangladeshiz are very popularly known 2 be late-comers..i mean 2 say as in a 6pm invitation to a bangladeshi is a 9pm invitation..lol
    russell be patient (yes i know u r)n jes be focused on whateva u r n will be doin cuz diamonds cannot be hidden for long!!

  • Hi Toby,
    It is good to hear where you are and what you are doing. James is still in SF and working at Wells Fargo. He has two children.
    The reason I searched for you is that we always go through Livingston MT on our way to MN each year. I would really like to contact your mom when we pass through. Could you give me her email address or phone number so I can do so?
    How do you like India? Do you ever return to Sac? I remember many good times with scouts and soccer with you all!
    Margaret Addicott