Creative Commons in Bangladeshi Jurisdiction

Wouldn’t it be great to have Creative Commons (CC) licenses ported in Bangladeshi jurisdiction? Yeah, it sure would be great and fantastic! And guess what, it’s my latest project now! After more than two months of correspondence with CC internationalization team, I’ve finally received the green signal to proceed.

Creative Commons

I’ll be working on porting the version 3.0 of CC licenses, which will replace the present version 2.5 licenses. Please wish me luck; it’s by far the most daring project I’ve ever got involved with!

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  • Go Russell!!!!!!!Go!!!
    Inshallah things will work out grt 4 u, dun worry, jes go on doin wat u think is rite n it is also very important for u 2 have confidence in all da steps u wud b takin towards ur project!!
    i know u can do it!!!
    best of luck sweetz……

  • awwww!!! that is so touchin!! neways maybe right now i mite not b able to do anythin 4 u but i assure u dat after 4yrs u get ma service for 50% discount!!..shit ma incomes gonna b down… na u r a nice person…anythin 4 U!!!