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Attack on #Mastermind

In the five years history of DALnet #Mastermind, we’ve experienced countless flooding, IRCop threatening on multiple occasions, DoS attacks on our users, and so on. But something happened today that I never expected.

The “hacker” gained access to one of our SOp’s NickServ password, and committed a mischievous act that proved his immense patience and hatred towards me. The scoundrel deleted all the 40 AOps one by one, and then added them back on the AKick list. He didn’t forget to add *!*@* on AKick as well. This was followed by a obvious mass kick.

I know who’s behind this, and this is a warning for him: this abuse won’t be tolerated. We will strike back at any cost sooner or later. Playing with fire is hazardous.

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  • ai jinish ami age ekbar dekhsi on #bluesky, tokhon ami new silam irc geek r Kalponic re bhalo bhaiba op disilam. command er "c" ow jantam na. halara amare bash ta disilo πŸ™

  • I am impressed by this particular act of this criminal. However, we have to find out ways to prevent this sort of abuses.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm SOp er password dhila silo maybe….. Bekkol SOp to…. oita bihsoy na….
    But password use kore room e bash deya ta bishoye….. Oi nick er SOp er next time aro serious password use kora uchit hobe bole ami mone kori….
    Aar je korse eta ke thamanor temon kono upaye thakle step neya uchit….

  • I am surprised and shocked to see a person can get down to such a low level and commit such a criminal act. I suggest that all the necessary steps should be taken to prevent further occurance.

  • *Hugs*
    dont add such mean ppl in yr channel.
    and remember one thing..
    Friendship is a thing of past… do not trust yr friends. πŸ™‚