Radio Foorti!

Hardware: AverMedia FM Tuner card + external antenna
Software: KRadio on Kubuntu Edgy

Radio Foorti!

I just got hooked with Radio Foorti — I’ve been listening to this station non-stop since yesterday. This private FM radio station is mainly broadcasting modern Bangla songs, along with band music and a bit of oldies and folk. I really liked play list — they didn’t choose to broadcast boring Rabindra Shangeet which would make people like me fall asleep. Their play list of oldies is great too, they have carefully selected once-a-super-hit songs that have great messages. They aren’t playing songs from Bangla movies, which is good. What impressed me the most is the crispy MP3 quality stereo playback, and their style of picking songs and switching genres. Purely professional!

Tune to FM 88.0 MHz if you’re and listen to Radio Foorti! As they says, “radio manei foorti”!

A cool fact that amazed me is the term “RJ” or “radio jockey”. So if I ever get a job as a RJ, then I’ll be known as RJ RJ, right? πŸ˜€

Due to overwhelming requests, I’m putting up their contact information here:

12-14 Landmark Building,
Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212
Phone: (+88 02) 883 5747
Fax: (+88 02) 883 5746

Update on December 28:
They have started playing English and Hindi pop tracks on a program named Club Foorti. This program will be aired on every Thursday from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The first English song was played yesterday on a program of RJ Nusrat — “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.

Update on September 20:
Radio Foorti changed their frequency — they are now on air on 88.0 FM instead on 98.4 FM.

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  • For Samiha apu: do you have a FM tuner or TV tuner that has a built-in FM receiver? If yes, then you can set it up yourself using the accompanied software under Windows. If you're facing difficulties setting it up under Linux, then please let me know.
    For Tanveer bhai: LOL, thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  • For Salam bhai: There is another private FM station named Radio Today, which started it's operation 5 days prior to Radio Foorti. They are broadcasting at FM 89.6 MHz, but sadly I couldn't tune to it yet. Most probably their signal strength isn't sufficient enough to cover the part of city I live in. Other than this two private 24-hour stations, Bangladesh Betar is also airing at FM 100 MHz and 103.2 MHz for limited numbers of hours everyday. I heard that two more private FM radios will on air soon.
    For Munaz bhai: LOL, big mistake! I've been to their site, but I guess I wasn't attentive enough to notice their Yahoo and Google inspired spelling!

  • ami ekta song request korbo…. oder song request er jonne email kora laage…but i dont know their email adress…anybody wanna help ???

  • radio foorti faltu…radio today is the real shit…most ppl listen to radio today…only ppl who have their own radios can listen to foorti…most reconditioned cars have their freq. only uptil 90 MHz…so ppl listen to radio today more than foorti…plus radio today has better programme packaging thn foorti…and it can definately be heard outside of dhaka…it can even be heard in jessore…enjoy radio today…cheers

  • Hello Russell
    Thanx 2 u dat u r kinda doin a publicy of radio foorti…i m really glad 2 u 4 dat….i wanna thank ya 4dat from da bottom of my heart…i think radio foorti is really a cool station wat u say? I m very glad to know dat there are many ppl who listen to radio foorti….even u r helpin ppl 2 know abot the station…thanx 1nce agin 4 dat…. i m very interested 2 work as a RJ…, can ya plz help me out??? PLZ…
    Thank You..

  • hello shaobai, this is rj nusrat and ur listening to radio foorti 98.4fm, jekhane amra boli radio mane e foooorti. it is indeed a rocking station.

  • Hi, I thank all the RJ for your interesting conversation. I like it. I have request to u make more enjoyable by presenting some jokes.

  • Radio FoorTi Rockz buddy…
    Jakhon theke Radio FoorTi challu holo…
    Amaderto CD pLayer oFF…Heheh..
    N shobchaite mojar bepar holo..
    Amar abbu ammu o joss moja paise..
    Abbuto ekta sotto radio kine e anlo basai…LoLz…
    So best of Luck Radio Foorti…
    Cuz Radio manniee FoorTi…
    N a bLust oF weLL wishes for the RJz…
    Hey Sakib i like ur voice most πŸ˜‰

  • Oh hey thanks for talking about Radio Foorti! (Hi Nusrat) I think Mr. Russell you could maybe get in touch with us and come hang out at the station sometime, you'd enjoy it.
    Two questions answered:
    a) Yes, we'll have it online eventually. Don't hold your breath though, reliable bandwidth is nearly impossible to come by.
    b) Sorry to those of you who can't get it in their cars. We're trying to come up with ways to overcome that.
    Thanks for the feedback once again. Russell, please get in touch with me. My email address is arafat at

  • Thank you Mr. Arafat for passing by and commenting here. I'd love to visit your office. I can make another story out of it to share with my readers.
    Best wishes for you, and keep up the good work!

  • I wish you will operate your programm country wide. Because when I go my village home I can not listen it. Its very sorry for me. Make your network in whole Bangladesh.

  • For Arko: I've mentioned it before — it's [email protected].
    For Spicy Sara AKA Bodiuzzaman Khan: Sorry sis/bro, I don't work for Radio Foorti so I don't have the answer. However, my guess is that they will continue the SMS contests, since it generates a lot of revenue.

  • Bauani:
    BW is a problem? for Radio Foorti – may be we can help them!
    I've never listened to radiofoorti though – cause my car Fm doesn't do over 90, so sorry guys!
    But, the private radio # concept is awsome – I do listen to the Radio today in my car occasionally – I would say pretty good!
    Anyhow – Cheers!

  • I like ur radio staton very much. I always here in my mobile. I have a request to u. That is don't use advertisement please. We are just listen for our recreation. Adv. will disturb us very much. For the bangla songs it is a very good step to listener & the young genaration.

  • Apnar upor sante boseto hok.
    as se Besso astemar akhere munajat o are ager kesu bowan ba upodesh gula live pro sar korar apnader sedeule ase ke nai?Doakore Email Kore janaben are age onek somo e dekha gese fhoolesh are waki toki shadha ron manuser mic sobdo sona jai ai por jonto asr ageai munagat suru ho a jai tai dhomo peran musulle der ko tha be by chona kore uttom sed dhanto neben,

  • Why RJ Lora is always talking like a Clown??? it seems RJ means Radio Joker?
    Radio Foorti will be more interesting if RJ Lora is fired.