Radio Foorti!

Hardware: AverMedia FM Tuner card + external antenna
Software: KRadio on Kubuntu Edgy

Radio Foorti!

I just got hooked with Radio Foorti — I’ve been listening to this station non-stop since yesterday. This private FM radio station is mainly broadcasting modern Bangla songs, along with band music and a bit of oldies and folk. I really liked play list — they didn’t choose to broadcast boring Rabindra Shangeet which would make people like me fall asleep. Their play list of oldies is great too, they have carefully selected once-a-super-hit songs that have great messages. They aren’t playing songs from Bangla movies, which is good. What impressed me the most is the crispy MP3 quality stereo playback, and their style of picking songs and switching genres. Purely professional!

Tune to FM 88.0 MHz if you’re and listen to Radio Foorti! As they says, “radio manei foorti”!

A cool fact that amazed me is the term “RJ” or “radio jockey”. So if I ever get a job as a RJ, then I’ll be known as RJ RJ, right? πŸ˜€

Due to overwhelming requests, I’m putting up their contact information here:

12-14 Landmark Building,
Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212
Phone: (+88 02) 883 5747
Fax: (+88 02) 883 5746

Update on December 28:
They have started playing English and Hindi pop tracks on a program named Club Foorti. This program will be aired on every Thursday from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The first English song was played yesterday on a program of RJ Nusrat — “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.

Update on September 20:
Radio Foorti changed their frequency — they are now on air on 88.0 FM instead on 98.4 FM.

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  • vaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa………….

    m not able to know how to use radio foorti in ma pc,,,,,,,plzzzzzzzz help me :((
    – afsana

  • How can i will meet with radio footi staff by phone or opinion you need receiption desk for telephone receiving. not anser bahini

  • For Sadi Al Rahman, chill-gal, and meow: Go to their office directly (address is given above) and talk to them about this issue.
    For Afsana: I need details of problem. E-mail me.
    For Asad: Apparently Radio Amar doesn't have a website… I couldn't find it!
    For Shaheen: Probably not.

  • i would like to suggest that RF should have come up with contracts to play their programs in the places where the crowd of young generation is more so RF would be able to get more popularity.

  • Hey..This is Samreena..I really want to know how to be a RJ.Actually I'm very interested in being a RJ.So,can u please help me out??Can I somehow be a part fo Radio Foorti?plz..I'l b very greatful..let me kno what can i do for that..

  • Hey..I'm a regular listener of radio foorti..n i'm a big fan of it.if i wanna work in radio,wat qualificaion do i need to hav????it will be a pleasure if u help me out..thank you..Samreena

  • I love this Station as much as i love my counrty, because this station has been giving educational service to the young people who hate bangla before, but now they love Fuad, Arnob & others.
    they love Lalon, Polly, Adhunik, We are proud of this service of radio furti.


  • Radio foorti is the best among of all fm radio in Bangladesh,,,what should i do if i like to hear FM channels in my pc?

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    this is my first massage to you. so please read it. you know my girl friend make a wish to see you, so pls send me your one photo to my e-mail address ([email protected])pls pls pls its imergincy. my girl friend love you so much to me. ok bye

  • It's very hot & rocking radio station in Bangladesh.
    Hope we'll get all types of entertainment from this station.

  • Since Im not in Dhaka, I cant listen to radio foorti at all….Ive heard abput it so much that Id really love to get the streaming….why isnt it out yet??:-(

  • Hi Russel, From where I can buy a AverMedia FM Tuner card? Please give me the answer. Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Avijit, I got mine from Singapore, but it should be available in Bangladesh now. Make a visit to IDB Bhaban and I'm sure you can find it there.

  • To all ! yah RadioFoorti is much like CHFI of Canada. CHFI is the Most heard Radio Station in Toronto, Canada. RF and RT both have the juice from that. good luck RT and RF. but its very very annoying when they repeat the same song every day. though its good for those who miss some sessions.

  • dear, radio furti Thanx a lot to set up station in chittagong. pls clear ur voice and upgrade ur quality. play nice songs. pls set a date for playing english songs. I love radio and Radio furti. pls come with 22 hour playing time in chittagong. set a oparator in ctg who gosip with us more funny topics only for ctg. Ok Wellcome chittagong… wish u best……….

  • ashole radio furti shune onek balo lage ja radio furtir moja onno khisote pai na ja radio furti amake de, tai radio ke onek onek thanks.

  • How am i suppose to get a job as an RJ in Radio Foorti?>
    And what qualifications are needed for it . Can a girl of standered 10 can get the job of an rJ in RADIO Foorti 98.4 FM?

  • salam nomoste,jibon ta jokhon forti hara hoye khachar pakhir moto e chofot forti jeno tokhon moktir doot hoye elo khacha khole dite.tai radio forti.jonjal mokti. u can chat me by yms [email protected]

  • hey radio today is much better,but the prob is advirtisement is shown too much,it really foorti is also doing well,but still radio today is far ahead in comperison wid foorti.

  • HI,

  • Let at night I here (after 2:15 AM to 5:00 AM) i can hear the radio foorti, today and another (i could understand) from Khulna
    So r they broadcusting their channels to khulna? if yes, then why they r not broadcusting at day time?
    Do u know what happend to VOA's FM station of Khulna?

  • do u know hows song is it. i heard this at radio foorti but i cant here the artist or album name. its song by a female singer, song title is 'Aaj tomar maghay maghay rongdhunu…… Aaj tomar maghay maghay rong……'
    they play this song 4 or 5 time or more but its my badluck that i miss all time to here the artist name. (:
    if u know plz gv me the artist or album name.
    i hv search it on internet but i cant find it, i found u. thats why i request it here.

  • As asailor I use to visit lot of contries and I’ve chance to listen their F.M Stations. Now I’m proud that we have our own F.M Raddio stations, When I’m at home Ican listen good bengali songs on those stations. 8)

  • hey man… why i can't get registered with radiofoorti sms? i sent "ctg halishahar myname" to 9840 but nothin happens.. and while the chittagong calling program goes on air.. i sent "radio myname my message" but they dont get my messages.. i think they dont get… cause i sent a lot of sms in one day … and none of them was read.. any help?

  • None of the Radio Foorti online streaming links work. This is kinda sad for those of us who live abroad. Its not very hard setting up radio broadcasting over the internet. All they need is a free software like shoutcast and a good amount of bandwidth, thats it. I hope Radio Foorti authorities will look into this matter soon! πŸ™‚

  • heyyyyyyyyyy whats up?
    RJ’s plz do me a favour,
    a song which name is ‘MON POBONER NAOKA VAHAO, JOTODUR ICHA JAO NIE JAO’ can u gays told me this song is from which album & name of the singers. plz plz plz its really urgent.
    thank you.

  • hello is there any website through where we can apply for being rj for other new or upcoming stations,any body here to mention such sites or other tips to b a rj?

  • radio foorti shunti shunti monay akhon ato foorti j……….boyosh ar tulonay monay foorti onek beshi

  • Hi I'm Shahed
    I'm a well-wisher of diz radio station n Russell, can u send me the song Tumi amon keno by Rong….I juz luv da song a lot….

  • really itz rocking…!!! but as a new listenner, i think, after some days, it will become as usual the way that RJs are approaching…may b we meed more and obviously something very new…rather than the conventional way…anyways, keep it up and best of luck radio foorti…!!!

  • Great to read out all these comments. Thanks to Russell for his initiative. Me from Australia, hope to come back in Dhaka soon. I work for a bangla radio station in Australia, I'm really interested to work for Radio furti. Everyone says I've got a great voice…so let's see…Hope to be in the team soon.

  • Radiofoorti is josh.ilove all Rj they behave friendly.U only give the address of Dhaka radio foorti station Plz give the address of chittagong Radiofoorti in radiofoorti website.Go on we are with Radiofoorti πŸ˜€