Radio Foorti!

Hardware: AverMedia FM Tuner card + external antenna
Software: KRadio on Kubuntu Edgy

Radio Foorti!

I just got hooked with Radio Foorti — I’ve been listening to this station non-stop since yesterday. This private FM radio station is mainly broadcasting modern Bangla songs, along with band music and a bit of oldies and folk. I really liked play list — they didn’t choose to broadcast boring Rabindra Shangeet which would make people like me fall asleep. Their play list of oldies is great too, they have carefully selected once-a-super-hit songs that have great messages. They aren’t playing songs from Bangla movies, which is good. What impressed me the most is the crispy MP3 quality stereo playback, and their style of picking songs and switching genres. Purely professional!

Tune to FM 88.0 MHz if you’re and listen to Radio Foorti! As they says, “radio manei foorti”!

A cool fact that amazed me is the term “RJ” or “radio jockey”. So if I ever get a job as a RJ, then I’ll be known as RJ RJ, right? πŸ˜€

Due to overwhelming requests, I’m putting up their contact information here:

12-14 Landmark Building,
Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212
Phone: (+88 02) 883 5747
Fax: (+88 02) 883 5746

Update on December 28:
They have started playing English and Hindi pop tracks on a program named Club Foorti. This program will be aired on every Thursday from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The first English song was played yesterday on a program of RJ Nusrat — “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.

Update on September 20:
Radio Foorti changed their frequency — they are now on air on 88.0 FM instead on 98.4 FM.

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  • hi
    ami radio foorti te regitration korechilam. kintu ekhon ami malaysiate thakchi r radio foorti ke khub miss korchi.
    use kore konosufol paina. kivabe ami online e radio foorti sunte pari? amake janan plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • what's up?
    i am shaif from cantonment U only give the address of Dhaka radio foorti station Plz give the address of chittagong Radiofoorti in radiofoorti website.Go on we are with Radiofoorti

  • Hello there, well is there anyway I can find out the song list that had been played yesterday (21st March), around 7.30? There was one foreign song I really liked, but dunno what it is called. Anywayz, plz do let me know if I can find it from anywhere. Thanks a lot

  • hello…i wana sms to radiofoorti bt i ve jus forgot how to be registerd for sending plz help me to show the way of register

  • btw i ve jus forgot to mention tht among all RJs of radio foorti…RJ Opu is De best…His way of talking is lyk sitting wid fds,doing metalz jokes nd sharing his opinion wthout being formal…RJ's duty is to do very live,casual,fdly commentrating..nd he is doing his duty so nicely..He jus cheers up listener's mind,So my best wishes for him πŸ™‚

  • russel vai, this is a very good work.
    From now I will regularly visit the site and try to give answer which asked by visitor.
    I am working with Radio Foorti.

  • That would be great Samim bhai! πŸ™‚
    Also, if you can send a FAQ about Radio Foorti (such as how to register, how to request for songs, address, etc), then I can update my entry and people can get some help from it. I can be reached at [email protected].
    Anyways keep up the good work! 8)

  • I will Regularly visit this website. As I work with media and publiclic relation so FAQ about Radio Foorti is known to me.
    If anyone wants to know any thing about Radio Foorti just drop your question in this website and wait. I will definitely give the answer of the question.

    So stay with Radio Foorti. We hereby ready to do the best thing for our listeners.

    Radio Manei Foorti.

  • Hello sir,
    Mindblowing system. i am looking this page and i am very proudful of you.
    I want to your student. Cab you accept me?
    Moreover, i have know of you! Thinking,
    my name is Rakib i have first look of you in Dhaka Savar Tarck Hostel.
    Otherwise i want to your student. please accept me.
    And you are very intelligent boy. Your webs are very nice.
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  • hiii, this is diptanu, and as i known as rj Neel and also cum as a script writter here at agartala fm radio channel named radio ooolala 91.9 mhz in india. i know ur fm channel radio foorti is a favourite fm channel all over in bangladesh. that's why i want to join in your fm channel. so how can i joinand how can i send my experience certificate and c.v in your office. my email address [email protected] i wish you will never avoid me. atlast yours faithfully diptanu sarkar. Agartala, Tripura. INDIA…

  • shodhu shuno r shuno…Mone Mone ba Uchcho Shore Gaao, r bone jao Gayok,,,, Tumieee tow hote parbe CloseUp-2 ….

  • online aget bangal radio sunty petam..
    for the past 1 yr or so..there no connection…i live in radio foorty,radiotoday..sunty etam…

    even in yr post i clk on the link to listen to the radio..but ops nothing working…tired of looking for bangla radio online …thnx

  • @Labonno: The online radio link isn't working for some time now. I hope Radio Foorti authority will take necessary step to get it back online. I can help to setup the online radio thingy for Radio Foorti if they hires me. 8)

  • Does anyone know whether the online radio features works ouside Bangaldesh? I live in Finland and I am trying to access the online radio for ages now and everytime I click on it *sign*….that frustrating ‘time out’ error pops up….!!!!!

    Commooonnnn fooorrtiii do somethingggg…!!!!!

  • Thanx for giving me the website of Radio Foorti. I was searching for it sonce looooooooooooooooooooonngg

  • i love radifoorti.but i am very interested in your night show shomoy ashomoyjavascript:insertext(':lol:')

  • I wanna b a RJ.Would u pls give me proper sugesstions to b a RJ. How i contract athority and what types of documents essential for this jobs.
    Note: I live in ctg.(Agrabad)

  • ami sazeeb…..dhanmondi ..
    hi rj nusrat.tomar vocal ta khoob sundor.amar jokhon mon khsrap thake tokhon ami radio furti sooni.amake please 1 ta gann sa by zara sa movie.please……….

  • Russel vhaia I am Minhaz and a student of NSU.Vhaia I wanna be a RJ of radiofoorti.But what are the primitive specialities i need don’t know.can you please let me know about those things.

  • Russel vhaia in the previous message i asked you to tell me the requirments to be a RJ.Because I have downloaded the RJ form but it’s not opening.That’s why I asked you.So please don’t think i am a dumb at all.

  • hi,
    i live in singapore, and i really miss radio foorti….
    i really wanna listen to it…i tried using the website that u posted but it wont work!!
    HELP ME!!!!! i need to hear it…

  • russel vaia salam……….radio foortir na awaz nie ki 1ta website chilo, ami oiter address ta nie confused…..kindly janaben…

  • Hi everyone!
    I've finally found some stream URLs including Radio FOORTI that actually work and got a nice way of playing them. So I've posted all details on my blog, you can check it out and enjoy Bangla Radio Online!!
    Here is the link to the post:
    Hope you all like it as much as I do.
    I wrote the post in a hurry so might be a bit messed up. I'll add better instructions soon.

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