Made in Bangladesh

An apparently mild mannered young man, frustrated by rampant corruption and lack of opportunity in his society, decides to take drastic action. Armed with an explosives packed briefcase, he takes a group of provincial bureaucrats and politicians hostage, threatening to blow them and him up unless his demands are meet. He calls for an immediate session of Parliament to pass new legislation putting an end to corruption, injustice and poverty.
His hostages are thrown into desperation and chaos: all of their innate greed, pettiness and hypocrisy surfacing in the course of dramatic night in captivity come out drastically. With the progress of this hostage-drama, we start revealing a miniature of Bangladesh through the action & reactions of the people captivated there. In other layer, we come to face a pristine equation of “power”. What’s the source of power? And what’s power either?
The movie “Made in Bangladesh” is ad attempt to capture the contemporary political and economic crisis of Bangladesh, and the pervasive frustration of ordinary people whose thwarted aspirations for peace and prosperity are like a ticking social time bomb, ready to explode.
Directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and written by Anisul Haque, this movie stars Zahid Hasan, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tariq Anam, Tania, Tinni, Marzuk Russell and others. Now showing at Star Cineplex and Balaka Cineworld. Go watch it!

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