Wish List: International Credit Card

Credit Cards

An international credit card was on my wish list for almost a decade now… and I still don’t know when I’ll be able to get one. Few Bangladeshi and multi-national banks issue it, but there are lot of prerequisites and conditions. My view is that these banks have purposely made the procedure difficult.

The necessity of a credit card arised when I registered my first domain in 1998. I used one
of my relatives’ card at that time, and continued using it for the next 2 years. When I started my web development business the following year, I used to pay an American guy to get the domains and hosting accounts. For my shell accounts, I used to pay through my foreign IRC friends. And then either it was my friends who live abroad, or my associates, or my colleagues.

It’s not that I need a card only to register or renew domains, but I also need pay my yearly ACM, IEEE and Planetary Society membership dues and so on. When I ordered my iPod Shuffle, I had to charge my ex-boss’s card. I pay everyone the equivalent local currency, but it’s sort of embarrassing to request them to help out.

I guess I made myself clear on why I need an international credit card. Yet another point why I should consider immigrating to UK or Australia?

Update on October 18, 2007: Got my international debit card today. A credit card should soon follow.

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