Time: 17:00-21:30
Location: Boomers, Dhanmondi

Great going, we’ve successfully organised yet another DALnet reunion, under less than a month time! Presence of users was higher than the last program, and overall it was more fun! DaarKak was happy as he finally got the chance to sit between sangita and urmi, and I was happy to sit beside Orpita (she’s sweet!). Presence of _nazia made rest of the guys happy… sad that she’s not single! MonoroM cracked hilarious jokes that made all of laugh.

Thanks to all of you who joined: sangita, urmi, Orpita, _nazia, Color`Wolf, MonoroM, DaarKak, MAN__, Shikhar_HoLkA, Addler, NeEL^, WishMaster, Sharif and Gunda.

The guest of honour was Color`Wolf, who was the sponsor of the program. Thank you rongila shial mama for the treat! :)

Check out the entry on the other reunion we did early this month.