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What's Your Uptime?

Uptime-Project is for you if you rarely if switch off your computer. If you’re proud of your system uptime, and want the world to know about it, then get yourself an account now. Once registered, all you have to is to run a small client application on your machine which will send your uptime data to the project’s server at a regular interval. This application is available for all platforms including Linux, BDS, Solaris, and of coarse Windows.
Once your first uptime data is sent to the server, you’ll be placed on the rank list with over 24,000 other users. Auto updating dynamic images will also be created for you which you can use on your website or blog or even as your forum signature. There’s a variety of design to choose from, among which I liked this one:

If you a have a great uptime, then go ahead and participate in this project. Compete with users with astonishing uptime like current winner with the uptime of 6 years 58 days 10 hours and 52 minutes!
Update on February 14, 2007:
Uptime-Project team sent an e-mail announcement today declaring closure of the project on March 1, 2007. It is to be noted that this successful German project has been running for 5 years now with 1.7 million data records.

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