The credit of being the worst Bond movie should go to Casino Royale. The review sites that gave high ranking to this dumb movie were surely bribed by the producer.

Casino Royale Killed James Bond

Why this movie sucks? Very simple. There’s no Q, no gadgets, no Miss Moneypenny, and no action scenes except for the one in the first 15 minutes. Disgrace to the name of Albert I. Broccoli… he would surely had a heart attack if he got the chance to watch this movie. Even the 20 year old Bond movies featured underground bunkers, underwater action, hand to hand combat in sky, space colony, what not? It featured sexiest girls, stunning cars, an array of high-tech equipments, guns, explosives, and much more. And Casino Royale? Nothing! Bond drives a Ford, gets beaten by the baddie on the balls, plays card for eons, and amazingly falls in love! He couldn’t even save his girl… how pathetic is that? Is this the James Bond 007 that we’ve seen in the last 20 movies? Surely not. Casino Royale has surely killed the image of James Bond.

And by the way, the new hero Daniel Craig looks a lot like one of those Russian baddies from the previous movies… doesn’t he have a lot of resemblance with President Vladimir Putin?