Casino Royale Killed James Bond

The credit of being the worst Bond movie should go to Casino Royale. The review sites that gave high ranking to this dumb movie were surely bribed by the producer.

Casino Royale Killed James Bond

Why this movie sucks? Very simple. There’s no Q, no gadgets, no Miss Moneypenny, and no action scenes except for the one in the first 15 minutes. Disgrace to the name of Albert I. Broccoli… he would surely had a heart attack if he got the chance to watch this movie. Even the 20 year old Bond movies featured underground bunkers, underwater action, hand to hand combat in sky, space colony, what not? It featured sexiest girls, stunning cars, an array of high-tech equipments, guns, explosives, and much more. And Casino Royale? Nothing! Bond drives a Ford, gets beaten by the baddie on the balls, plays card for eons, and amazingly falls in love! He couldn’t even save his girl… how pathetic is that? Is this the James Bond 007 that we’ve seen in the last 20 movies? Surely not. Casino Royale has surely killed the image of James Bond.

And by the way, the new hero Daniel Craig looks a lot like one of those Russian baddies from the previous movies… doesn’t he have a lot of resemblance with President Vladimir Putin?


  • but casino royale is the first bond novel so may be alittle different
    we should care about Bond’s reputation

    We should ask eon productions to add Q and gadgets in the future Bond movies
    although Bond is Daniel Craig

  • the movie is sent at the beginning of Bond’s career. M was questioning giving him the title of 00 throughout the movie, if she had these doubts logically she wouldn’t give him access to all of the gadgets like in the other movies when he makes a reputation for being a good agent…and there isn’t action in it because that’s not the point of the movie, the point is playing cards to beat a notorious villain.

  • It's a great movie, Danial is a great Bond and I'm a huge Bond fan
    My favourate though is Timothy dalton.

  • umm hell no hes the best bond ever
    1) SEXIEST
    2) great actor
    3) in this movie he actually FALLS IN LOVE! hes not just a brick wall he has feelings and a heart


  • Read the original novel and you will see why DC is Bond and why the movie is the way it is.
    This is the original Bond.

  • Daniel Craig is total crap! The damn movie is total CRAP! The car is CRAP! He has the emotion of a brick… but his choice of women is the best so far!! Good on you Russell!!!! Apart from some eye candy girls you get nothing out of the film. Guys listen to Russ because he has the best taste oaf movies!

  • Oh, if you want the only kick out of casino royale possible put the movie into German and what the theme you know my name sounds like "Ya CKnow Ma Nama", it only works on the region 4 2 disc edition.

  • No problem Russell!! I am happy to back you man! I am not so confident about the Quantum of Solace, you??

  • A book and a movie is not the same thing. Casino Royal killed the image of James Bond. It was a totally fucked up movie! πŸ‘Ώ

  • True, CR killed the old image of Bond, the Bond with all the gadgets, the unreal and fake action scenes with cheesy acting.
    The new Bond is badass, cold and more believable.

  • You've missed the point of the film entirely. Perhaps you prefer special effects-laden films like "Moonraker" and "Die Another Day" to the grittier character-driven pieces such as "From Russia With Love" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". "Casino Royale" belongs to the latter category and serves as a welcome take on a great character which has suffered total exaggeration (bordering on absurdity) over the years. Back to basics, pure and simple.

  • You're clearly not a Bond fan if you can't appreciate the movie. If you knew anything about Bond, Craig's portrayal of the character is the closest to Ian Fleming's character in the novels. As much as I enjoyed the other 20 films, this movie really depicts the rawness and realism that Bond is supposed to be.

  • Casino Royale depicts a Bond much closer to the original books, a hard, slightly nasty guy who gets the job done. The other previous Bond movies were also made for a different time (e.g. in the 70s), but Casino Royale, and Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond, fit perfectly the 21st century idea of how a "spy" would be- you have to be dirty and fight hard in the 21st century, rather than swanning around being suave for the 70s generation of Bond. Bond's adaptability to the times makes it successful, and Craig's acting is perfect for this new, harder, colder Bond. A Bond like Roger Moore would not last ten minutes these days. Get into the present Russell.

  • Casino Royale is the best James Bond movie ever. Roger Moore was a lousy James Bond. Daniel Craig brought realism to the Bond film, to the people who thought Daniel Craig ruined James Bond get a life and actually think a little harder before making stupid comments. Ray.

  • There is no comparison between Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan was terrible, and the movies he was in were even worse. Russell, you obviously have terrible taste. Shame on you. Also compare Daniel Craig to a fat, hairy Sean Connery, seriously, come on. How could you like that cheese?

  • Dude, do you live on Uranus? Daniel Craig gives Bond a name. Sean Connery didn't have the balls to do anything because he looks like the big fat dousebag he is. Rock on Craig!

  • anyone who even thinks that casino royale sucks, you've obvisously missed the point of what the late ian fleming, and now the producers, think and want james bond to be!! to russell and CasinoRoyaleandDanielCraigsuck, this message is for you. don't quit your day job to be a film-citic because you failed.
    casino royale and quantum of solace are just the tip of the ice-berg of what is and will be. dont believe me, read the books douchebag