Linux for Home Users: Workshop at East West University

Ubuntu Bangladesh organised a workshop at East West University yesterday, titled “Linux for Home Users”. 108 undergraduate and graduate level students from from 9 departments participated on this day-long workshop, where various issues of FOSS and Ubuntu Linux were discussed.

I initiated the discussion by talking about the FOSS philosophy, history of Linux, Ubuntu and it’s variants, and why Ubuntu is “better” then other distros. The students were very enthusiastic, and asked a lot of questions. This interactive atmosphere made the program very stimulating.
The next presentation was provided by our member Mr. Rafiq-ul-Islam, who explained why switching over to Linux is important for students and how it can help them in their future career. His presentation was highly acclaimed by the participants and he received a great deal of applause.
Light refreshments were then served to the participants, after which I demonstrated the installation of Kubuntu. I took special care in explaining the partitioning part, as this is where all the newbies get stuck. After the installation was over, I demonstrated programs available under Kubuntu that the novice users would possibly use in their everyday lives. The Ubuntu Live CD was also demonstrated, so that the students get to know the difference between the KDE and GNOME environment.
Five more workshops are scheduled over the next four months in this University. We believe that as we inform them about foundational topics about Ubuntu Linux and steadily progress towards more advanced ones, these students will be able to obtain a thorough grounding about Ubuntu Linux.
My appreciation goes to all the volunteers of East West University Telecom Club, who worked hard to make the program a resounding success. Pictures of the event are available at (sorry about the picture quality, taken with a mobile phone).

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