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DALnet Reuinion @ Shonargaon

Location: Pan Pacific Shonargaon Hotel
Time: 13:00-16:00
Yes, we’ve done it again — this time at a five star hotel. Thanks to Color`Wolf (Rahim Badhshah) for taking care of the fat bill, and thanks to DaarKak for coordinating the program.

Time for a roll call… Color`Wolf, DaarKak, sangita, MonoroM, Russell, NeEL^, tuntuni`pakhi, danda_maira_thanda, no`more, KrIsHno, mamdo_bhut, and GKing.


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  • it was really a gr8 fun… thanx Color`Wolf and all the team mates of our beloved Dalnet πŸ™‚

  • etto beshi khaisilam je nora chora korle amar pet faitta jaitasilo …. thnx to color wolf 5 star e khawanor jonno πŸ˜›

  • 3/4 jon regular face chara baki der chini nah :S
    r tai to boli Color`Wolf ke dekha jai nah ken…uni to bd te bz with…..
    r Russell & DaarKak r koto reuinion korben…ami to sob miss kortesi :(((

  • Hey Guys!
    i wish i could join the party… but it was gr8 to see all of u together πŸ™‚ hope to see u soon ppl πŸ™‚

  • Rahim bhai (color`wolf) has come up with his biggest heart and arranged such a big and costly party for his worthless friends like us.We really had a fantastic day!!! Only a simple thanks is not enuff and daz why m n not giving him any thanks.Grow up man day by day and b a billionaire and don't forget us!!!!!!!Hope to enjoy many more days like this……

  • ami agei bolsilam color`wolf er saudi te 2 ta tel ( oil ) er kua ase and she tarek zia er partner (!) 😐 ekhon shobai prove pailo…/me is calling anti corruption bureau to check color`wolf's bank account :P~

  • i was invited and i missed…bcz of a family programm!! :((((( thx color wolf vaia for counting on me on ya guest list πŸ™‚ inshalla see ya soon!!!

  • Artcell, anti corruption bureau te call korte jai Bank account e takar khoje…r DaarKak mobile e phonebook e number khujte jai….
    lolz duijoner nojor duidike….khek

  • ami daily channel e aile ekjon er kanna huni RG ahare bechara bakhara hoi gese color tui joldi net e ai

  • Ish amar Bank account khuje ken? amar phone book khuje ken? its not fare!! next time Italy hotele g2g koramu.. hehe hehe.
    It was fantastic time anyway

  • Pics koi ? Ami pic dekhte pachchina. Ki jani hoise!!!! Jai hok amar ashsar ichcha thakleo ashte parlamna bole sorry cuz oooowwwwneeeeekkkk bze hoa gesi akhon. Inshallah next time ami ashte parbo. πŸ™‚ Russell vai pics gula dekhte pelamna kintu. Shob apnar dosh. πŸ˜› Take care ppl until the next g2g. πŸ˜€

  • waw, Rahim bhai, good work! Ajkaal to irc kori ei na. Pray 2 bosor hoye gelo. jhodi BD te thaktam tahole obossoi astam. Maybe next year e. Bhalo thakben sobai. Dalnet er jei nazehaal obostha, only get together ei sob bangali der eksathe dhore rakhbe! thanks again Rahim bhai for your great arrangement though I wasn’t there. Looks awesome. Aro pix thakle post koren mia-bhaiyera πŸ™‚ salam.

  • I’lought to talk to you here. Which is not some thing Which i do! I like reading an article that can make individuals believe. Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!