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BTTB Hassle

Changing DNS entry for any TLD is done through the domain’s control panel, which takes nothing more than two minutes. However, if you want to do the same for your .BD domain, then you’ll have to go through lot of hassles, and moreover you’ll have to wait for more than a week! Here’s what my experience was like:
Day 1:  I went to BTTB’s Internet services office at Mogbazar, where they told to submit a formal application to the Division Engineer requesting him to change the DNS entries for my domain. They gave me a sheet of paper and showed me to a table to sit and write.
So I worte one and submitted it to the clerk. He told me that it’ll be taken care of the next morning.
Day 2:  I waited, hoping they are working on it.

Day 3:  I waited till the last hour, when I realised that they haven’t done anything yet. I called them up, but all their numbers kept on ringing. I was so annoyed at this! Finally after trying for half an hour on different numbers someone picked up and told me angrily that they are getting ready to go home and asked me to contact the next working day! He hung up without giving me a chance to say anything.
Day 4 and 5:  Weekly holidays, they are probably watching Hindi movies from the comfort of their homes.
Day 6:  Called up the tech guy who’s responsible for making the edit, but he told me that he has not yet received the application. Why not? No answers. So I called the clerk whom I gave it, but he says he has already sent it to the tech guy! I was like, WTF? I called the tech guy again and told him this, but he says it’s not on his desk! Once again, I was like WTF!!!
I got the feeling that I’ll have to be there in person if I want to get my job done, but I was stuck with some other work, and couldn’t make it by office time.
Day 7:  I went to their office again, and went directly to the clerk’s room. He serached for my application on a pile of papers, but couldn’t find it there.
The other staff went to their boss’s room, and after searching for 10 minutes came back with my application. It was supposed to be “approved” by their boss, but he somehow overlooked it or didn’t sign it on purpose. May he thought that my application wasn’t formal enough? When I asked them why this could have happened, they told me that their boss doesn’t stay in office for more than two hours a day and doesn’t work much in this time. Anyway, the clerk told me to wait for another day and assured me that he’ll get it done by the next morning.
Day 8:  The tech guy finally received the application. He said he’ll take care of it in a while. Time passes, my tension rises, but nothing happens. At around 4 o’clock when I was preparing to call him again, I discovered the updated whois information. Not to mention how many times I had hit F5 on the whois page the whole day.
Day 9:  I wait for DNS propagation to take place.
Day 10:  Alright, my site is finally up. Mission accomplished with much pain.
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