Looking For Investors

I need around 80 lacs taka for the fist round financing of my new start-up company. If you’re willing to invest, then get in touch with me. If you know someone who’s looking for a project to invest, then hook me up with them.

My new initiative is first of it’s kind in Bangladesh and it’ll surely bring a revolutionary change in the tech industry. Are you with me or not?

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  • I think I just missed the chance to invest on your project, cause my guess is that you already got a queue of investors at your door where the amount is not much, only $120000. Alas my fate !! From my previous experience I believe you know what IT business is and how to to it. Anything that you thought about the business will be right one and you will shine more & more in the upcoming days. If you get a chance then please drop me a line.

  • Thank you Mr. Rafiq for your interest and nice words. πŸ™‚
    I've investors for 2nd and 3rd round financing, but for now I still have a deficit. The total investment will exceed BDT 4 crore (US$ 571,500), so you understand. I'll get in touch you, hopefully we two can work it out.
    Thanks again!

  • Hello Bro,
    I am happy to hear that you are in serious phase.
    As i know and believe my uncle could help you by investing in your project which would be first of it's kind in Bangladesh and it'll surely bring a revolutionary change in the tech industry. My uncle is Industrialist. 4 month ago he established e CNG Conversion & Refueling station in Sever. Want to meet with my uncle? i also talk about your proposal. So what decided? if Yes than get the Appoinment.
    Have a nice business.

  • hi
    just seen this site.
    I know it was long time ago you posted this.
    just like to know if you had completed your project and what is it?