Mar Shala Re!

Former chief of Bangladesh Army Lieutenant General Mahbubur Rahman (retired) got a good bashing from a fellow BNP activist!

Who will believe that this guy once lead the army and used to get salutes wherever he went? Doesn’t he have martial arts or hand-to-hand combat training? It’s really amazing to see this sort of scenes… but thanks to the anonymous photographer, this has given me a straight 20 minutes laughter!
Photo credit: E-Bangladesh.

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  • Hi russel, Are u sick? How could u publish this pic with such a stupid write up.How a 70 yrs old man can do martial art…. and why r u focusing on his previous appointment rather than the present one??? How such a terrible pic can offer u a 20 mins laugh…… crazy journalism.

  • @Foysal: I've strong hatred towards the army and the armed forces… remember what the Pakistani army did? Or what the British-US army is doing now? They are trained killers, and I hate them. 😑

  • Russel, hatered towards the army will lead you nowhere. if a war breaks out right now in our country, the army will go and fight and die for their and your country. yes, civilians might also join the war, but the army will lead it. aro onek kisu bolar icca chhilo…but jani, bole lav hobe na. icca kore keu bujhte na chaile take bojhano oshomvob.

  • Shame shame . This picture proves, how immoral we Bangladeshis really are. This guy was the cheif of army stuff. He was a man of service , a high-ranking official of his country. It does n't matter what he did for a political party, still he should be considered as
    a man of "some" respect. Even if he is a corrupted officer, he deserves some respect from a fellow countrymen by virtue of his lifelong service to his country. I am so ashamed to see this picture is posted by an educated man. Please, dont let it be seen by your kid-brothers or your son. Whoever bashing him with that shoe represents a rotten, uneducated , low-class , barbarian animal. How dare he took the law at his hand … does it prove that BNP-activists have no respect for each other ? Frankly speaking, I was a loyal supporter for BNP for long time. But i think , BNP lost all its reputation to these uncouth Bastards. Not to mention, BNP had become a family of corrupted, uneducated leaders. Honesty does n't exist in BNP at all. The day Dr. Badruduzza , Col. Oli left BNP, i knew something was terribly wrong. We became a nation of Barbarians & thugs, because even an educated person like you no longer can distinguish right from wrong . Pathetic !