After thinking, thinking, and thinking, I came up with a name for my new company: Compurius. Here’s how it’s derived:

Computer + Aquarius = Compurius


Compurius will be providing FOSS, Linux and IT security services to small to large enterprises along with provide value added services for domain registration and hosting companies in Bangladesh. Technology Ahead, that’s the slogan!

Update on June 1, 2011:

Compurius has been renamed as Trancetronic.

Trancetronic Logo


Linux geek. FOSS advocate. Web crafter. Floral photographer. Micro-blogger. Aquarian. Caffeine lover. Suicidal. Over perfectionist. Trance addict. Meh.

4 thoughts on “Compurius

  1. Are you still doing Linux sysadmin tasks on a freelance basis? If so, I’d love to see your resume, and perhaps have a chat if it looks like you’d be a good fit.

    Portland, OR

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, brother. It isn't final yet, I've been thinking and I've asked few people to think about it as well. If you've any suggestions then please let me know. :)

  3. well to be honest the slogan does not seem to be new, some other companies are using similar slogans.

    Slogan should be an unique one and innovative idea while at the same time being catchy

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