Ekushey Fonts for Ubuntu

I’ve been using the Unicode based Bengali fonts of Ekushey for a long time, specially SolaimanLipi which I use almost everywhere. To make these fine fonts easily available on Ubuntu, I’ve made a package of all of them called ttf-ekushey. Users of Ubuntu derivatives such as Linux Mint can use this package too.
Font list:

  1. SolaimanLipi
  2. Rupali
  3. Ekushey Lohit
  4. Ekushey Sharifa
  5. Ekushey Punarbhaba
  6. Ekushey Sumit
  7. Ekushey Durga
  8. Ekushey Saraswati
  9. Ekushey Puja
  10. Ekushey Azad
  11. Ekushey Godhuli
  12. Ekushey Mohua

(Twelve for now, but whenever they releases a new font I’ll update my package too.)

To install this package, you can either download the binary file (MD5: a6cbc1dae63c1cf62c1ff4ef4ab73068) from our Launchpad PPA, or install it via apt-get or your graphical package manager. This method is recommended, as you’ll get notification when an update is available. Here’s how to do it via apt-get:
1. Open the apt sources.list file from the run command dialogue box (ALT+F2):

gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list (Ubuntu)
kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list (Kubuntu)
gksudo mousepad /etc/apt/sources.list (Xubuntu)

2. Add the following line on the bottom of the file:

deb intrepid main

3. Open a shell window and type:

sudo apt-get update

4. When the update is completed, type:

sudo apt-get install ttf-ekushey

When you see the warning message “The following packages cannot be authenticated!”, press y to continue.
5. Done, now you can use the Ekushey fonts on your system!
I’ll try to get this package into the Ubuntu repository, and possibly into the Debian repository as well.
Hope this is helpful to you guys.

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