Addicted to Flickr

I’ve been using Flickr for one and half year, and right now I’m completely hooked to it. I had a hard time to get rid of my Facebook addiction, but seems like giving up Flickr wouldn’t be easy. But hey, I don’t need to do so, cause it’s helping me to improve my photography skills and acquire more knowledge on photo-taking techniques by seeing the works for renowned photographers from around the world. So yay for me!

Here’s my current account stats:

You can also see my huge list of tags here.

All the photographs on my account are under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, which means you can legally share, use, and modify them for non-commercial purpose as long as you put my name on the credit line and release them under the same license. If you want to use any of my pictures commercially, or looking forward for the high resolution version, then please get in touch with me.

Long live Flickr!

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