Bangladeshis experienced 23-hour long day yesterday. At 11 o’clock at night country’s clocks were turned to 12, introducing daylight saving time (DST) for the first time. I congratulate the government for taking this initiative, something they should have done long ago just the way they should move the weekend to Sunday from Friday, but that’s another issue. ;)

Microsoft has released a DST patch that I heard works, but if you’re a Linux users then use your package manager or update manager to update your tzdata version so that your computer is DST “compliant” too. Bloggers and social networking site fanatics should change their timezone to GMT/UTC +7 from the respective settings page/control panel, so that the correct time is displayed.

I’m really happy that I’ll now get an extra hour to shoot pictures outside. Earlier I had to packup by 5:30, but not anymore! Yay. :)