Bangladeshi Currency

The currency of Bangladesh is Bangladeshi Dollar. Eikkk, just kidding, they called Taka (৳). Like many other countries, they are issued as notes and coins. Notes are of one taka, two taka, five taka, ten taka, twenty taka, fifty taka, one hundred taka, five hundred taka, and one thousand taka. Coins are of one paisa, five paisa, ten paisa, twenty five paisa, fifty paisa, one taka and five taka. Notes from five taka to one thousand taka are issued by Bangladesh Bank, while one taka and two taka notes and all the coins are issued by Bangladesh Government. Here’s what they look like:

One (1) Taka:

1 Taka, front side

1 Taka, back side


Two (2) Taka:

2 Taka, front side

2 Taka, back side


Five (5) Taka:

5 Taka, front side

5 Taka, back side


Ten (10) Taka:

10 Taka, front side

10 Taka, back side


Twenty (20) Taka:

20 Taka, front side

20 Taka, back side


Fifty (50) Taka:

50 Taka, front side

50 Taka, back side


One Hundred (100) Taka:

100 Taka, front side

100 Taka, back side


Five Hundred (500) Taka:

500 Taka, front side

500 Taka, back side

One Thousand (1000) Taka:

1000 Taka, front side

1000 Taka, back side


Coins from left to right: one (1) paisa, five (5) paisa, ten (10) paisa, twenty-five (25) paisa, fifty paisa, one (1) taka and five (5) taka:

Bangladeshi Coins


Don’t try to make counterfeit notes out of these scans, if you do so do it in your own risk! ;)


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Bangabandhu Note


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9 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Currency

  1. Dear All,
    Assalamualikum, Ami Saudi Arab e Onekdin Hote Job Kore Jacche. proti-Bochor Bari Jawa hoy…….Kintu Mojar Bepar holo…Jokhon Market e Jai, ( I am Sorry to say )Tokhon Dekhi Ekoy Amount er Currency 2/3 rokom,,,,,,,O B A K……….lage…Worl er Kono Sobbo Deshe eto Defferent Nokshar “Note” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Please ask goverment to cover this big Problem………India tara Amader Present Currency dekhe Khub Hashe ( Puran Gula Tara Khub Pocchondo Kore)
    Thanks a lot…

  2. Simply waooo…recently i found one taka coin at a new's smaller than old one taka coin..but looks good..and sometimes make confusion with 25 paisa coin …..

  3. দাদা ফুটোকড়ি ব্রিটিশ আমল ও তার আগেও ছিলো (মুঘল/সুলতান আমলের ব্যাপার স্যাপার)।

  4. ফুটো, কড়ি তো ফাকিস্টান আমলে ছিল। আমরা ফাকিস্টানীদের মেরে হটিয়ে দিয়েছি মেলা বছর আগে। :)

  5. @কৌশিকদা ধরে নিচ্ছি আপনি বাংলাদেশে নেই :) নাহলে এটা এখনও দেখেন নাই বড়ই আশ্চর্যের বিষয়!!

    @রাসেল ভাই ফুটো, কড়ি, আনা কই? ওগুলো ছাড়া কি করে বাংলাদেশী কারেন্সি সম্পর্কে ধারণা দেয়া হলো? :P :D

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