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  • I love the logo itself. However, to my eyes, the mix of red and green in the circle around Tux is a bit blurry. Maybe a more contrasting color could be chosen (rather than red, or a different shade of red) to make things a bit more clear? Then again, this could also just be my screen or it might also not be such a big deal when viewing the logo on a printed surface. Other than that though, I really like the design – great job on it.

  • Thanks Atallcostsky and Aaron!

    The reason for using red and green as the primary colours on the logo is our national flag, which consists of green and red.

  • The logo is pretty and shiny and you will have no problems with using it online, but if at some point you will want it printed on T-shirts then some problems will arise: the number of colors will make it expensive (if you want *quality* printing), the gradients will not be visible much, the drop-shadow will be gone and the small details will be problematic.

  • I agree with nicu 🙂
    gradients are acceptable but difficult to implement on printed surface (specially on tshirt). shadow will look good only on white/light color tshirt fabric
    the font below looks awful, change it