#Linux on Twitter

#Linux on Twitter

To everyone who’s reading this, let’s try to make #Linux a trending topic on Twitter! Please go ahead and write a line about Linux and use the #Linux hash tag.

Thank you, and let’s give it a shot for the love of Tux! United we stand!

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  • Please consider correcting the name you are using as it ought really to be either GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux. The Linux part of the whole operating system is far smaller than most people realise while GNU represents a far greater part than it and using the GNU name also gives credit to all those other organisations and people who contributed to the whole (including Gnome KDE et al). Richard Stallman explains it all far better (and in much greater detail and depth than I can here) in an FAQ page on the GNU home site.

  • @ Mike Thanks for your comment, a shame you had to end it with an insult. I asked Russell to consider the coment I made, I didn't demand that he did so and I certainly didn't do anything in a rude manner that could justify your subsequent rudeness. Had you read the page to which I linked you wouldnhave found that a case is put there, in detail, but demands are not made and there is no rudeness whatever.
    Your rudeness is even more odd and undeserved given that if it were not for the work of those involved in the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation your GNU/Linux distribution of choice would not even exist.
    Isn't it strange to see how often such attacks are found on Ubuntu related sites and how rare they are within other distributions…a fact you also might like to consider.