10 Commandments of Origami

1. Choose good paper and cut it to the right size and form
2. Fold the paper neatly and carefully especially at the points of corners.
3. Work on a hard flat surface so that all the folds are as even as you can get them.
4. To make it exact by moving your thumbnail along the edge of the paper. Then all the folds will be easier.
5. The more exact your fold, the nicer the finished product.
6. Follow each step carefully in the right order.
7. Never skip a step. When you are folding it’s helpful to remember the last step you finished and think about the next step.
8. Pay careful attention to all the instructions especially which direction to fold, how it should be folded together, and if it should be unfolded or not.
9. If you are new at origami then you should practice the basic first steps. Most origami figures start with a basic step.
10. To feel good about your origami, follow the steps carefully and fold your creases carefully and cleanly.

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