Completed 4 MongoBD University courses in the last 2 months! I highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning MongoDB, they are free are and very well designed.

M001: MongoDB Basics

Fundamentals of MongoDB, connecting to a MongoDB Cluster, using MongoDB Compass, MongoDB’s document storage model and principles of flexible schema design, basic architecture of MongoDB clusters, CRUD operations.

M103: Basic Cluster Administration

How to start up basic MongoDB deployments, from the basic single mongod process, to replica sets and sharded clusters. This course teaches to explore and configure these deployments using the MongoDB shell.

M201: MongoDB Performance

How to optimize the performance of your MongoDB deployment. This course covers how to use best practices for achieving performance at scale in a MongoDB system.

M310: MongoDB Security

Basic MongoDB security features, integration capabilities and resources. The course project involves creating secured deployments of MongoDB for production ready environments.

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