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Flags of Bangladesh, Japan and Palau

Bangladesh, Japan and Palau

A lot of country’s flag look similar – Chad and Romania, Norway and Iceland, New Zealand and Australia, and more. There are two flags that look similar to the flag of my homeland, as you can see on the image above: the flags of Japan and Palau. Other than the colours and their meanings, the key difference is that the disc on Palau’s flag represents the moon, while it means the sun on other two flags. Here’s a bit more information about them:

Here’s what the colours of the flags mean:

Bangladesh: The red disc has two distinct meanings: it represents to sun rising over the nation, and also represents the bloodshed for those who fought for the country’s independence. The green field of the flag represents the beauty of the lush land of the county.

Japan: The red disc represents the sun on a white field. Sun is important to Japanese people because of it’s role in mythology and religion. The flag of Japan is officially called “Nisshoki” (sun-mark flag), but more commonly known as “Hinomaru” (circle of the sun).

Palau: The golden disk represents the moon, which has special meaning for Palauan culture. The full moon is traditionally considered the best time for fishing, planting, and other activities. It is said to give the local people a feeling of warmth, tranquillity, peace, love and domestic unity. The sky-blue background of the flag symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, and also represents the transition from foreign domination to self-government.

Flag of union of Japan, Palau, and Bangladesh

Union of Bangladeshi, Japanese, and Palauan flags.

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