Avoid – Deny – Defend

Avoid – Deny – Defend

Shooting incidents may happen anywhere, anytime. If you hear gun fire, explosions, or other attacks, follow the Avoid – Deny – Defend approach to guide your response. Each step is independent, and the most appropriate one should be applied. It is not necessary to employ the strategies in a sequential order.

Avoid the confrontation at all cost.

  • Don’t argue with the attackers
  • Locate the threat and move away from it
  • Help others escape
  • Take cover
  • Alert others and prevent them from entering the danger area
  • Call emergency responders when safe to do so
  • Follow directions from security personnels
  • Do not make sudden movements or run to-wards security forces
  • Keep hands and arms visible

Deny access to your location if you are unable to avoid the confrontation.

  • Lock yourself in and barricade the entrance
  • Turn off lights and sounds (silent cell phones)
  • Keep away from doors and windows
  • Take shelter behind solid objects

Defend yourself by any means necessary if you find that you are unable to avoid the confrontation or deny access to your location.

Last resort: when no more options are available, fight back!

  • Act aggressively against the perpetrator
  • Throw objects, improvise when necessary
  • Yell or distract perpetrator
  • If you must fight, fight with intention to incapacitate

Hope this information helps to build your awareness in an active shooter event and respond to options that have been proven to be most effective. These strategies can be applicable during other acts of violence such as armed robbery or hostage situation.

Stay prepared, stay safe.

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