Freelance Freedom

Page 34 of Freelancer Limited IPO prospectus for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

I never regretted quitting my last full-time job 6 years ago to start freelancing full-time, and the journey has been wonderful. With nearly 15 years of experience as a Linux system administrator, today I serve clients from all of the world, straight from the comfort of my bedroom which I call my “mission control”. The nature of my work involves responding to emergency situations, and my physical location or time zone has never been a problem. All I need is a computing device and an Internet connection, and no matter where I am, I am able to serve my growing number of clients worldwide.

My freelancing career means a total freedom for me, with flexible and convenient work hours doing what I love to do. I can chose to work on projects that interest me, with clients whom I’m comfortable, and therefore never being bossed by anyone. Planning a vacation or attending a birthday party is never a problem, nor pursuing my hobbies such as photography or origami in my spare time, keeping me all happy and content. No suits and ties, no commuting, no office politics, just the love for what I do and getting paid handsomely for it. My freelance career means unbridled freedom, and I love being a freelancer!

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Nostalgia: Me on RI-SOL Newsletter

The following text is from the September 2005 monthly newsletter of RI-SOL, written by my boss back then, Mr. Jack Welch. This is where I last worked full-time.

The Global Connections and Exchange Program wouldn’t be very global if our computers didn’t work. The program is based on the idea that students can get to know each other regardless of location through the techno-magic of the internet. Distances vanish when you can chat live anywhere in the world, view pictures from around the globe and work together with partners half a planet away. Someone has to make sure that all of the software, hardware and communications equipment work right, or the entire program would come to a jarring, whiplash-inducing halt. That someone is Russell John, the IT Officer in the Dhaka Office of Relief International – Schools Online.

Russell’s desk is next to a rack of equipment with blinking lights and a bench piled high with computer innards. Cables snake back and forth between his desk, the rack and whatever he is building at the moment for our ILCs. His desk is covered in equipment brochures, manuals and computer code. Russell sits in this middle of this chaos, multitasking between phone calls, computer chats, and email, in an effort to keep everything running smoothly.

In implementing the GCEP program in Bangladesh, we’ve run across technical problems that have required customized solutions, such as how to make everything run well using Bangla fonts. Russell has created online forms and databases for our entire operation, automating many of our routine tasks.

In addition to computers, Russell’s other interests include stamp collecting and video production. He’s a fan of Sidney Sheldon books, James Bond movies, and listens to a lot of trance music. If you want to trade stamps, or chat about double-oh-seven, you can drop him an email at: [email protected]


After thinking, thinking, and thinking, I came up with a name for my new company: Compurius. Here’s how it’s derived:

Computer + Aquarius = Compurius


Compurius will be providing FOSS, Linux and IT security services to small to large enterprises along with provide value added services for domain registration and hosting companies in Bangladesh. Technology Ahead, that’s the slogan!

Update on June 1, 2011:

Compurius has been renamed as Trancetronic.

Trancetronic Logo

Jack Leaves Bangladesh

Today was my boss Jack Welch’s last day at Relief International. He’s being replaced by Jennifer Fish, the new Country Director for Bangladesh.

Jack is going to back to New York on Satureday with his wife and daughters. I’ll miss him terribly.

TLT Training Ends

Timeline: May 7 – May 8

TLT Training

The tiresome 2 day Technical Lead Teacher’s traning ended today. The TLTs got hands-on training on:

  • Assembling Pentium 4 computers
  • Installing OS (Windows XP and Mandriva Linux)
  • Installing and updating application programs
  • Securing a box
  • Anti-virus and malware protection
  • And more.
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