Stepping Down from Ubuntu Bangladesh

Ubuntu Bangladesh was formed in 28th April 2006, more than 4 years ago with the vision to create a solid platform for Ubuntu users and contributors in Bangladesh. We’re the official local community team in Bangladesh, recognised by Ubuntu Community Council and Ubuntu’s sponsor Canonical Ltd. It’s been a long journey, and I’m really glad that with all of your help, support, and contributions we’ve been able to achieve most of our major goals.

I’ve been working as the team leader of Ubuntu Bangladesh throughout these years, and I’ve decided to step down and hand over the team leadership to two of our very active volunteers, Shahriar Tariq and Shabab Mustafa. They have made a tremendous contribution for our team, for Ubuntu, and for Linux as a whole, and I strongly believe that Ubuntu Bangladesh will prosper even more under their new leadership and vision.

I’ll still be around, will help to administer our Launchpad page, mailing list, IRC channel, and our site.

Thanks to each and everyone who’ve helped me throughout the years, thank you for your never-ending support! Long live Linux, long live Ubuntu!

Windows 7 Rocks!

Thanks to Chris Schlaeger for this awesome picture, taken during Japan Linux Symposium 2009. I’m nominating this as the picture of the year! :)

Ubuntu 9.04 Guide in Bengali

BLUA Documentation Team has published a beginners guide on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) in Bengali, which is available for download from (PDF file, 2.7 MB).

If you’re new to Ubuntu Linux and want to learn more about it, then this guide should be helpful to you. The topics covered are installation, package management, network and Internet connection setup, customization, proprietary hardware driver and multimedia support, troubleshooting, and much more.

Please pass on this message to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in using Ubuntu.

Microsoft Joins Twitter!

Microsoft finally made it to Twitter. Big shots like Google and Yahoo are already on Twitter, but it took Microsoft quite some time to decide whether they really want to join or not! (Come on, we all know that they are slow!)

Anyway I found it really interesting, and thought like to welcome them via my account @Linux. I did, and it was awesome to see that people found it hilarious! They started retweeting right away, and as I’m writing right now after an hour, people are still making fun of it. :)

Here they are, @Microsoft on Twitter. Give them a follow if you like to! ;)


Firefox 3.0 Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are fun, are they? Here are two easter eggs that you can find on your favourite browser, FF. :)

Type about:robots on Firefox 3.0 to get this easter egg:

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

Type about:mozilla to get this one:

The Book of Mozilla, Verse 11:9

Here, Mammon is Internet Explorer, which slept for the 5 years between releases. The beast reborn refers to Firefox, which gained supporters who self-organized through Spread Firefox, and undertook publicity for the browser, taking out an advertisement in The New York Times and making a crop circle shaped like the Firefox logo. The cunning of foxes is a direct reference to Firefox’s name. The new world refers to modern, standards based dynamic websites and open source applications. The latter half of the passage links to the Mozilla Manifesto and the about:Mozilla newsletter, and describes Internet Explorer as a follower. Additionally, this quote from the 10th edition, an allusion to the Mozilla Foundation’s 10th anniversary during the Firefox 3 development cycle.

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