Mission Video Editing

I went to Proshika’s training center at Manikgonj to assist my boss on his video editing project. Nine American exchange students paired up with fourteen Bangladeshi peers, and created five short and not-so-short documentaries on the lifestyles of Bangladeshi villagers. Our mission was to edit these videos and to make them presentable!

Video Editing at Manikgonj

Our mobile editing team consisted of my boss Jack Welch and me, and we used 3 laptops and some high-end software to do so. It took the whole day to edit the videos; and by supper time, we were ready. We hooked one of the laptops to a 29″ TV and showed the documentaries to the kids and the RI battalion who were accompanying them.

My boss dropped me home at midnight — it took one and a half hour to get back to Dhaka.

Let 2006 rock you!

The year 2006 is finally here! As with all new years, it’s time for a new beginning, dawning of new hopes, and of an opening of a new horizon. Happy new year everyone, wishing you all peace, prosperity and happiness! Hope 2006 rocks you all!

I had a rocking time yesterday with Deep and his friends at Uttara, we blew firecrackers worth over a thousand bucks. All the cellular networks got jammed as usual and it was difficult to reach others. My ex sent me a SMS at 20:30 and got it at 23:30! Gush, I’m sure she thought I was ignoring her!

Ignoring the biting cold we stayed at the roof top till 1:00 and then we went to downstairs when 2 of the guys started spilling out naughty jokes for an hour… and gush, the jokes were hilarious! We went to “Sector 7” (which happens to be a pool club) at 2:00 and partied till 4:30 in the morning. Before going back to Deep’s place, one the guys and I went to grab a cup of tea at a nearby tea stall, which is really close to Uttara police station. Night life at some parts of the city is so different!

For me, 2005 was a happening year with lot of achievements. I hope 2006 would be even better! Here’s my not-so-secret plan for this year:

  • Publish the Linux Magazine as planned
  • Getting either a new tech job or starting a tech or media related business
  • Organizing at least:
    • One ramp show (preferably international)
    • One model hunt program
    • Five workshops on Linux and FLOSS
    • One rally / procession to celebrate the spirit of FLOSS
    • Software Freedom Day 2006
  • Writing up at least 15 Linux related articles for magazines and news papers
  • Saving at least five hundred thousand tak
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Visiting at least two countries

I’ve always kept my goals high, but this time I’ve made the list simple and realistic. I love surprises, and for me, the joy of getting something unexpected is higher than what I would usually expect. So let’s see what 2006 brings for me! Let the ride begin! Amen!

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