Hands in Hand

Once in a lifetime we all need a hand to pull us up, that helps us to see life in a different way. Presenting to you my photo project featuring 100 photos with 100 women and their stories. Stay tuned!

# 1:

Hands in Hand: 1 of 100

Living in Singapore for two decades, she didn’t forget her roots yet. Every winter she visits Bangladesh, and this was her 19th time; the vacation that she longs for the entire year.

She’s 27, Cancer, and an art graduate.

# 2:

Hands in Hand: 2 of 100

This is the day when her husband legally took back his commitment to stay together for a lifetime. There were many unanswered questions, incomplete emotions, broken dreams, yet she hopes to move on and enlighten her coming years with unexpected happiness and smile.

She’s 26, Sagittarius, and a business administration student.

# 3:

Hands in Hand: 3 of 100

Suffering from stage 2 breast cancer, she was getting her weekly dose of chemotherapy when this was shot. She’s one of the bravest woman I’ve met, fighting cancer with a smile… a battle that she’s destined to win.

She’s 29, Capricorn, and an IT professional.

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Dr. Shahidul Alam Mentions Me!

Part of a speech by Dr. Shahidul Alam at Re:Publica 2012 conference in Berlin, Germany where he mentions about me! So exciting.

Full video is here.

Transforming Paper Into Art

Children all over the world learn to fold paper planes and boats in their elementary school. This craft of paper folding dates back to 100 AD, when it started in China and spread to Japan by 600 AD. It is from there where it evolved into what we today know as origami. The word originated from the Japanese words “ori” and “kami”, meaning folding and paper respectively.

Unlike common perceptions, origami is not only a hobby for children, but it is practised by people of all ages. It has many useful benefits, and it is also a great source of entertainment and enjoyment for the folders. The pleasure of transforming a plain piece of paper in to a three dimensional beautiful art form can be very satisfying and joyous.

The interest in origami continues to increase even today, intriguing people all around the world. I’m intrigued as well, and here’s what I’ve folded…

Butterfly 1 – Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Origami Butterfly 1

Butterfly Family – Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Origami Butterfly Family

Butterfly 2 – Designed by Akira Yoshizawa
Origami Butterfly 2

Iris Flower – Traditional model
Origami Iris

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Looking For Investors

I need around 80 lacs taka for the fist round financing of my new start-up company. If you’re willing to invest, then get in touch with me. If you know someone who’s looking for a project to invest, then hook me up with them.

My new initiative is first of it’s kind in Bangladesh and it’ll surely bring a revolutionary change in the tech industry. Are you with me or not?

The Search Continues…

When my friend Tanim introduced me to [email protected] back in 2001, I wasn’t really convinced. Sure I did believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, but I couldn’t sum up how analysing radio frequencies can detect alien life forms. I went through the entire site, read other literatures, but still didn’t had a positive attitude to this project.

Then on one fine January morning, Tanim challenged me to beat him on [email protected] That is, getting more Work Units (WU) than he does. He had around 100 WU at that time, and I had none. I accepted the challenge, and that was the beginning. The poor chap was ultimately beaten, but it took me another year to do so.

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