Ubuntu 9.04 Guide in Bengali

BLUA Documentation Team has published a beginners guide on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) in Bengali, which is available for download from http://linux.org.bd/go.php?link=ubuntuguide (PDF file, 2.7 MB).

If you’re new to Ubuntu Linux and want to learn more about it, then this guide should be helpful to you. The topics covered are installation, package management, network and Internet connection setup, customization, proprietary hardware driver and multimedia support, troubleshooting, and much more.

Please pass on this message to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in using Ubuntu.

Bangladesh Fact File

In case if you wanted to know more about Bangladesh…

  • Bangla (also known as Bengali), the national language of Bangladesh, is the fifth most frequently-spoken language in the world. Bangladesh became a country in 1971 when it declared its independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan, or East Bengal. West Bengal is a state in India.
  • The word Bangladesh was coined around 1971 when the country was formed: it means land (desh) of the Bangla (Bengali people).
  • Bangladesh is bordered by two countries: India and Burma (Myanmar).
  • Bangladesh has its own 12-month calendar with six seasons.
  • Bangladesh is known for its production of the jute plant, whose fiber is made into carpets, rope and other products. Jute is known as the golden fibre in Bangladesh.
  • Every region of Bangladesh has its own dessert (mishti): if you are eating Chom-Chom, you’re in Tangail, if it’s Roshmallai you’re in Comilla, or Monda if in Muktagacha.
  • In Dhaka, all of the autorickshaws and most of the taxis run on clean-burning natural gas (CNG) rather than diesel or petrol.
  • The Bengali people of Bangladeshi fought for the right to speak their own language in 1952, this event is now commemorated worldwide as International Mother Language Day.
  • The monsoon season in Bangladesh is generally from June to August. If you visit then, bring an umbrella.
  • Bangladesh lies on the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees northern latitude). Other countries on this line include Mexico, the Bahamas, Eygpt, Saudi Arabia, India and China.
  • Bangladesh’s parliament building, an architectural landmark, was designed by an American architect, Louis Khan.

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Ekushey Fonts for Ubuntu

I’ve been using the Unicode based Bengali fonts of Ekushey for a long time, specially SolaimanLipi which I use almost everywhere. To make these fine fonts easily available on Ubuntu, I’ve made a package of all of them called ttf-ekushey. Users of Ubuntu derivatives such as Linux Mint can use this package too.

Font list:

  1. SolaimanLipi
  2. Rupali
  3. Ekushey Lohit
  4. Ekushey Sharifa
  5. Ekushey Punarbhaba
  6. Ekushey Sumit
  7. Ekushey Durga
  8. Ekushey Saraswati
  9. Ekushey Puja
  10. Ekushey Azad
  11. Ekushey Godhuli
  12. Ekushey Mohua

(Twelve for now, but whenever they releases a new font I’ll update my package too.)
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Moncho Natok

Time: 18:30-21:30
Location: Shilpakala Academy Experimental Theater Hall

I just came back home watching Aronnok Natyadal’s play “Raarang”, which (almost) bored me to death. I wouldn’t have been there if one of the actresses on the play wasn’t my friend. Bengali literature never really touched me, nor did this play.

It was the first time I watched a theater play, and probably the last. Gee, it’s so khet!

Made in Bangladesh

An apparently mild mannered young man, frustrated by rampant corruption and lack of opportunity in his society, decides to take drastic action. Armed with an explosives packed briefcase, he takes a group of provincial bureaucrats and politicians hostage, threatening to blow them and him up unless his demands are meet. He calls for an immediate session of Parliament to pass new legislation putting an end to corruption, injustice and poverty.

His hostages are thrown into desperation and chaos: all of their innate greed, pettiness and hypocrisy surfacing in the course of dramatic night in captivity come out drastically. With the progress of this hostage-drama, we start revealing a miniature of Bangladesh through the action & reactions of the people captivated there. In other layer, we come to face a pristine equation of “power”. What’s the source of power? And what’s power either?

The movie “Made in Bangladesh” is ad attempt to capture the contemporary political and economic crisis of Bangladesh, and the pervasive frustration of ordinary people whose thwarted aspirations for peace and prosperity are like a ticking social time bomb, ready to explode.

Directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and written by Anisul Haque, this movie stars Zahid Hasan, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tariq Anam, Tania, Tinni, Marzuk Russell and others. Now showing at Star Cineplex and Balaka Cineworld. Go watch it!

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