BCS Computer Show – Day 2

A big day for me, as it was the first time I’ve ever spoken on a seminar. The seminar was entitled “Free and Open Source Software: Development Opportunities”, and was jointly organised by BCS and BLUA.

Sumon bhai from BDCOM, Kamal bhai from CSE department of Dhaka University, and Sami bhai from Maisha Technologies spoke at the seminar, and I delivered my keynote speech. Welcome speech was provided by BCS President as it was the inaugural seminar of the Computer Show.

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BCS Computer Show – Day 1

Location: 1st floor, Bashani Novo Theater
Time: 13:00 BDT (+6 GMT)
State of mind: Annoying

When all the stalls and pavilions were selling or exhibiting their products, we were sitting idle on the floor of our empty pavilion. No chair to sit, no desk to keep our tech gadgets, and no electrical outlets to recharge ours laptops or the cell phones. HP’s pavilion was right in front of ours, and all we could do was to stare at two of their hot looking sales girls. Staring at the Samsung’s salesgirls was an option too, as two out of three girls were desperately trying to show their cleavage and their bra’s strap. Cream bra goes well with blue saari, I understood.

We kept on poking the BCS officials, and after one and half hour, our desks and the tables arrived. After waiting for another two more hours, the computers arrived. We didn’t had any other decoration piece on the stall, except for the hand drawn Tux replica that Shipar sent.

We started installing Edubuntu on the 700 MHz Toshiba computers, and it a took a long time to do so. Kubuntu refused to accept mouse clicks, and system continuously displayed busy error.

Zia bhai and his friend, Rafiq bhai, Muhib bhai, Farhan, and Rony helped enormously, and I thank them all for helping out.

Toby Phillippe

Toby Phillippe is the newest “bideshi” member of BLUA. Originaly from Sacramento, California, Toby worked as an IT person in several firms in Washington DC and Silicon Valley. He’s now settled in Dhaka with his Bangladeshi wife whom he met at work while they were in USA.

I met Toby through BLUA mailing list, and decided to meet today to discuss about the upcoming Linux workshop at North South University. We met at Banani Halvetia and discussed about various IT related issues regarding Bangladesh. He’s a very friendly person, and showed his keen interest on helping our LUG. I wish I could get the same level of support from our deshi members!

Software Freedom Day 2006

I just cleaned up the old wiki page on Software Freedom Day (SFD) site and updated with the SDF 2006 celebration information. On September 16th, Software Freedom Day 2006 will be celebrated around the world including Bangladesh. This year’s budget is 30,000 taka and BLUA will be organizing it as usual.

BLUA T-Shirt, Alpha Release

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