BCS Computer Show – Day 7

Last day of the computer show! The most-wanted competition was arranged today at Bashani Novotheater seminar room, where 50 students participated. The students were grouped in two sections — Group A: first grade to fifth grade, and Group B: sixth grade to twelfth grade.

The competition started at 3:30 and by 4:30 we were done. Our volunteers checked and marked the answer scripts which was then handed over to BCS athority who will arrange the prize distribution ceremony at a later date.

BCS Computer Show – Day 6

Record number of visitors and record number of kids came to the show. Our volunteers had tough time entertaining the demanding kids! The kids waited on the queue for 5-10 minutes before they could sit on a computer. Around 350 kids learned how to use Edubuntu Linux!

BCS Computer Show – Day 5

Hartal and heavy rainfall dramatically reduced the number of visitors in computer show. Our dedicated volunteers still came over to help, and entertained the kids who came from the neighborhood. I’m sure that the kids learned a lot since each of them got a good amount time to see the workarounds of a Linux desktop!

Rony and I watched the planetarium show, which was quite amazing. I watched the same type of show in Birla Planetarium in Calcutta, but liked today’s one since it’s in Bengali. However I didn’t understand some Bengali terms… but still it was fun.

BCS Computer Show – Day 3

Our pavilion was super-hit by evening. We entertained more than 100 kids, all of whom were taught how to use an Edubuntu desktop, how to draw pictures on Tux Paint, and how to use the different educational tools. The kids absolutely loved it!

BLUA volunteers entertained numerous newbie Linux users as well, whom we gave suggestions and solutions to their OS problems.

BCS Computer Show – Day 2

A big day for me, as it was the first time I’ve ever spoken on a seminar. The seminar was entitled “Free and Open Source Software: Development Opportunities”, and was jointly organised by BCS and BLUA.

Sumon bhai from BDCOM, Kamal bhai from CSE department of Dhaka University, and Sami bhai from Maisha Technologies spoke at the seminar, and I delivered my keynote speech. Welcome speech was provided by BCS President as it was the inaugural seminar of the Computer Show.

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