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I can now be reached on 0161-RUSSELL. That’s 0161-7877-355. :)

Thanks to Toby and his wonderful wife for helping me to get the number. Just to note, my GP number will be active as well.

Aquarius Traits

Spirit: To spread philosophical thought
Ego: Aesthetic, altruistic, revolutionary, unconventional
Personality: Stubborn, independent, eccentric
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Empowerment Colors: Blues, stripes, daybrites
Moderating Colors: Red
Best Day: Saturday
Fortunate Stones: Opal, amethyst
Body Rulership: Calves, ankles, teeth, blood

Aquarius Traits

Positive Traits:

  • Friendly and Humanitarian
  • Lively, honest and loyal
  • Original and inventive
  • Independent and intellectual
  • Like to be different

Negative Traits:

  • Intractable and contrary
  • Perverse and unpredictable
  • Unemotional and detached
  • Chaotic and rebellious

As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius represents the eleventh stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. In Aquarius, the individuality of man so carefully nurtured in Leo, now becomes part of the greater spectrum of society as a whole. Capricorn sets up the structure and rules of society, and Aquarius takes on the role of making the organizations of society function as the people-oriented institutions they were intended to be. Aquarians are the original “organization men” of the zodiac. Their societal orientation, loyalty, fairness, and objective nature are reasons why they tend to attract many friends and acquaintances in life. Though they are not above wanting to live well, many Aquarians are more interested in people than they are in amassing great wealth or taking on the responsibilities that invariably accompany such a life style. When they cannot afford some luxury, they rationalize why they didn’t need it in the first place.

Aquarians are stubborn and resist changing their opinions or accepting new ideas that they do not like or with which they do not agree. Big changes in life are accepted as a challenge, but small changes that throw off their plans are not tolerated very well. The astrological symbol for Aquarius is the figure of a man pouring water. The water is seen as mankind’s collective consciousness. It depicts Aquarians as disseminators of the spirit of humanity. Many Aquarians, in tune with their celestial heritage, are idealists who champion the highest principles to which humanity can aspire. However they are also extremely independent thinkers. When confronted with authoritarian demands or dogmatic principles to which they do not subscribe, they rebel. They may hesitate to take the initiative at times, but once they decide a situation or idea is worthwhile, they become involved and aggressive in pushing it forward. They don’t mind being asked to do something but they resent being told to do it. Those who want to gain their favor will help share the work load without being asked.

Aquarians react to everything they experience in life with an intellectual orientation. Before they take physical action, before they assess the practical worth of something, and before they sort out their true emotions, they try to visualize it objectively as a kind of mental exercise. In relationships, their intellectual approach makes them appear interested but not particularly passionate or possessive. It does not necessarily mean they really lack passion. When they do focus their feelings, their passion can be as intense as it is inspirational.

The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, planet of the unorthodox and eclectic mentality of mankind. The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, planet of restriction and structure. Such different characteristics seem to directly contradict one another, but a close look at the Aquarian personality shows that both planets co-exist in a strangely compatible way. Aquarians demonstrate association with Uranus by being unpredictable. Saturn’s influence gives them stability. The two influences generally mean that when Aquarians suddenly change course, or do something unpredictable, they are not likely to be acting on a whim or a bet but for some very practical or advantageous reason. They favor the unique as well as the traditional. Sometimes they are either so involved with the past (history and antiques) or so tuned in to the future (spaceships and neon clothes) they lose track of the present. Exhibiting the stability of Saturn, they may live unvaried, even boring lives; feeling very comfortable and secure in such an unchanging, stable environment. Sooner or later however, they are apt to encounter circumstances that make it hard for them to know what they will be doing next. They often adopt life styles and ideas that are counter to current trends. The odd and unique fascinate them, and they are rarely caught off guard by abnormal situations and strange people.

Aquarians are good eaters but may not care what’s on the menu. Most of them are indifferent cooks. As long as they can participate with a partner, or as part of a team they are enthusiastic about sports and, as a result, may not have trouble keeping physically fit. When left on their own however, they become lazy and reluctant to engage in what to them is a lonely series of exercises with which they quickly become bored. Broad jumping, camping, ballooning, tennis, swimming, racquetball, and baseball are some of their favorite activities. Science and engineering, international finance, writing, music, psychology or social work are areas of special interest to Aquarians.

Aquarian colors are silver, aqua, and purple and the more electric shades of pink and blue. Vulnerable parts of the body are the shins, ankles, and circulatory system. Cramps, allergies, sudden illness and freak accidents are common Aquarian complaints, though they may also suffer from various nervous disorders. The birthstone for Aquarius is amethyst. This gem is believed to confer stability and mental poise on those who wear it. Flowers for Aquarians are the more unusual blossoms and include the gladioli, tiger lily, trillium, bird of paradise, and jack-in-the-pulpit.

Russell Mania

The name Russell is said to be of Scottish origin (or possibly English or Irish), meaning “the little red one”. It is also said that it might have derived from an old French nickname “Rousel”, meaning someone with red hair or a red face. The name is also sometimes associated with a red fox and vixen.

Some of the famous people sharing this name are philosopher Bertrand Russell, author Russell Baker, actor Russell Crowe, actress Jane Russell, singer Leon Russell, and more.

Now let’s move on with the subject of this post — my attempt to bring you anything and everything on the face of this planet (or beyond) that has this name on it! If you know of anything that I’ve missed here, then please let me know.

Russell Square (London, England)

Russell Sqaure

Russell Square is a large garden square, named after the surname of the Earls and Dukes of Bedford, who developed the family’s London landholdings in the 17th and 18th centuries, beginning with Covent Garden (Bedford Street). Russell Square was formed when new streets were laid out by the Duke on the site of the gardens of his former home Bedford House, their London seat.

Russell Square Tube Station (London, England)

A London Underground station on Bernard Street, Bloomsbury, not far from the British Museum, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Russell Square Gardens. Opened on 15 December 1906, the station is located in Travelcard Zone 1, between Holborn and King’s Cross St Pancras on the Piccadilly Line. Russell Square is a little station, but it does get a lot of tourists.

USS Russell (Home Port: Pearl Harbor, USA)

The primary mission of USS Russell (DDG-59) is to destroy enemy aircraft, missiles, submarines, surface ships, and land targets in order to prevent the employment of such forces against U.S. forces. USS Russell will normally be assigned to a carrier battle group. USS Russell has been designed to defeat simultaneous attacks involving large numbers of enemy surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and missiles.

The ship was named after Rear Admiral John Henry Russell, who is famous for his Civil War heroics in Pensacola Harbor.

Russell Cave (Alabama, USA)

For more than ten thousands years, Russell Cave was home to prehistoric peoples. Russell Cave provides clues to the daily lifeways of early North American inhabitants dating from 6500 B.C. to 1650 A.D. The cave shelter archaeological site contains the most complete record of prehistoric cultures in the Southeast. It contains the oldest prehistoric fossils found anywhere in the United States.



Russell Falls (Tasmania, Australia)

One of Tasmania’s best known scenic attractions, this 3-tier waterfall is located in Mount Field National Park. Accessible by paved walking track, the falls are a popular tourist attraction. The tiered walls of Russell Falls are composed of horizontally bedded marine Permian siltstone benches.


The Russell Institute (Paisley, Scotland)

The Russell Institute building was donated by Miss Agnes Russell to the Burgh of Paisley on March 19, 1927. The building was built as a memorial to her two brothers Thomas Russell and Robert Russell, who had died in 1920 and 1923 respectively. The building was to be used as a clinic for the welfare of the children of the County of Renfrew and the Burgh of Paisley. The building was completed during 1926/1927.


Russell Steam Engine (Wales, UK)

Russell is one of the most famous narrow gauge steam engines in the world. Built in 1906, he is the only surviving engine from Welsh Highland Railway. Its bizarre history includes being built for a railway that never opened and narrowly escaping the scrapman several times before it was saved for preservation. Russell is currently out of service for major overhaul.



Hotel Russell (London, England)

A 4-star hotel at Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London. Formerly known as the Le Meridien Russell.

City of Russell (Russell County, Kansas, USA)

The City of Russell, which is the county seat of Russell County, was incorporated in 1872. Russell is a city of the second class and is the largest city in the county. The economy of Russell is primarily agriculture with some manufacturing. Zip code: 67665.

Russell Road (London, England)

One of the twenty London streets with this name.

Russell Road (Newbury, Berkshire, England)

Russell Street (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Russell Pond (North Woodstock, New Hampshire, USA)

Russell Pond campground is located in North Woodstock, off Tripoli Road, 3.7 miles east of I-93. This 40 acre mountain pond pond has always been a favorite picnic and fishing spot.



Fishing opportunities are excellent thanks to regular stocking by the State of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. A boat launch is provided for easy access for fisherman as well as a dock designed for handicap access.

Mount Russell (California, USA)

Mount Russell is a beautiful peak in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, located immediately north of Mount Whitney. It rises to 14,088 feet or 4294 meters.

The south face of the mountain, visible from the summit of Whitney, is a twisted mass of buttresses and couloirs. The less-frequently seen west face is even more spectacular, consisting of a strikingly sheer 800-feet wall. It was named after Israel Cook Russell (1852-1906), a geology professor at the University of Michigan.

Russell Island (Queensland, Australia)

Russell Island has to be one of South East Queensland’s best kept secrets. Located only 50 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, it boasts panoramic views across Moreton Bay, Stradbroke Island and south towards the Gold Coast.

Russell Island

Russell Island is the largest of Southern Moreton Bay Islands, measuring 8km in length and 3km in width and has a population of between 2500 and 3000 people. There are many businesses located on the Island. Russell Island also has its own primary school, Queensland fire and rescue service and heli pad for emergencies. The weather is generally quite mild with the average temperature being 11-21 degrees in winter and 18-28 degrees in summer.

“Russell” in Different Languages

Here’s how to write “Russell” is different languages. If you know any language that I’ve missed out here, then please get in touch with me. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Binary: 01010010 01110101 01110011 01110011 01100101 01101100 01101100
  • Decimal: 82 117 115 115 101 108 108
  • Hexadecimal: 52 75 73 73 65 6C 6C
  • Octal: 122 165 163 163 145 154 154
  • MD5: 38779783dcaaaabd1cdd9d3459c8c71d
  • SHA1: f28b96c8f0039a59dd02b57e3603ae6ee78f9e5c
  • ROT13: Ehffryy
  • Polybius Square: 42 45 43 43 15 31 31
  • Radiotelephony: Romeo Uniform Sierra Sierra Echo Lima Lima

    Arabic, Persian:











    Macedonian, Serbian:

    Russian, Ukrainian:




    Barcode (Code 128):

    Maritime Signal Flags:

    Semaphore (Optical Telegraph):

    “Good afternoon. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?”

    Russell, a character from Disney animation movie Up:

    To be continued…

    Last updated on October 17, 2009.

  • Personality Test

    Are you the life of the party? Would you consider yourself open to change? Are you a creative thinker? Take a good look at yourself with Brainbench’s personality test! This test takes under 10 minutes to complete and measures 6 different factors that create your unique personality. A detailed test report containing your personalty traits will be e-mailed to you after you take the test.

    Now here’s what my test result says about me:

    Social Boldness:
    You are slightly introverted. Do you ever say to people, “I’m really an introvert” and then they look at you funny? That’s because you can be both Extraverted and introverted, but in social situations people see you as an Extravert. Your enthusiastic and self-confident personality, plus your ease at talking to strangers gives the appearance that you are outgoing, even though you may attribute it to just being a friendly person. You find yourself at the center of attention, even though you may not actively seek that position. You are such a warm person that people like to follow you. Which is good, since you have no problem accepting your role as a leader when it is given to you. With your ability to flow easily from shy to outgoing, you may tend to easily flow from exciting adventures to relaxing times at home. This makes you a fun person to be around, because you do not always have to be on the go, yet you know there is more to life than reading and watching TV.

    You are very considerate. You are a popular person, aren’t you? Of course you are. You truly value harmony in dealing with others. People recognize your friendly, generous, and helpful personality. Your easy-going, agreeable nature makes you such a joy to be around. This is especially true in meetings or general conversations. The topic may become heated, but you are considerate of other’s feelings and you will find a happy medium in order to placate those around you. This is because you have an optimistic view of human nature and you realize that if you trust people with their decisions that they are not trying to hurt you or take advantage of you. This special and rare quality is also seen in your altruism. You enjoy helping others. To you it is not a sacrifice; to you it is fulfilling to help others in need.

    You are quite impulsive. You are an independent thinker. You do not need a book of rules to tell you how to behave – you know inside what is right and what is wrong and you act accordingly. You are able to live life spontaneously, because you are able to make decisions without endless deliberation. In fact, when you and another person are making a decision, you are able to reach a solution fairly quickly while the other person has to cautiously plan every step. Eventually, they will agree with you, which is frustrating when your first impulse is usually the correct one in the decision-making process. You tend to be a little more casual, and you do not feel out of sorts when your home or office is not perfectly neat. In general, your life is pleasurable – you know how to have fun and will never be accused of being staid or stuffy.

    Anxiety Level:
    You are moderately excitable. In trying situations, you feel somewhat stressed and frustrated. At times you are able to overcome these feelings, but other times you feel overwhelmed. This could run the gamut of just being in a bad mood to experiencing anxiety, anger, or depression. In general, you prefer a stress-free existence, so that the possibility of negative emotions would not be a factor. You tend to be somewhat self-conscious in social situations, and are worried that people may judge or criticize you. You may react emotionally to people or circumstances that you find threatening, because you want to protect yourself. Every so often you cave into urges or cravings. Sometimes you feel a little guilty about it, other times you are just fine with your fun streak.

    Openness to Change:
    You are moderately practical. You tend to be more comfortable when your daily activities are familiar and unchanging, rather than constantly in a state of flux. You prefer to deal with facts and not ideas. You prefer to be more practical and pragmatic, but you are able to be creative when the situation calls for it. You prefer the conversation or situation to be more straightforward. Emotionally, you are more conservative and tend not to express your feelings openly. You have a proper demeanor, which summons respect from those around you.

    The way you Think/Reason:
    You are slightly concrete in your thinking. Your thinking is neither simple nor complex, to others you appear to be a well-educated person but not an intellectual. You tend to be intellectually curious and have the uncanny abilities to distinguish imaginative, creative people from down-to-earth, conventional people.

    I took the CIA Personality Quiz as well, which said I’m a “daring thrill-seeker”! Duh!

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