মেয়ে তুমিতো আমার নও চেনা
পলক তবু কেন আর পরেনা
জানিনা আজ আমার কি হলো
যেওনা যেওনা কিছুতো বলো…

যদি কথা না হয়
যদি দেখা না হয়
হারিয়ে যাও এক ঝলকে

মেয়ে কথা না কও
মেয়ে ফিরে না চাও
সঙ্গী করে নাও আমাকে…


Never Knew Love Like This Before

I never knew love like this before,
Now I’m lonely never more,
Since you came into my life…

You are my lovelight, this I know
And I’ll never let you go,
You my all, you’re heart, part of me..

Once I was lost and now I’m found,
Then you turned my world around,
When I need you, I call your name…

iPod Mania

I was almost going to order an iPod Nano, but luckily I came across some life-saving review sites. After few days of analysing information from various sites and sources, I finally ordered my iPod today — not Nano, but Shuffle. Sure Shuffle doesn’t have a display or a click wheel, but for a careless person like me it’s the best choice. Shuffle is virtually bomb-proof, which is just what I’m looking for. Nano is too delicate for me to handle!

iPod Shuffle

Laser engraving comes free with this $105 gadget, and my one will have my name engraved. I’m expecting the shipment to arrive by mid June.

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