My First Android Phone

I never needed a smartphone, but as my Nokia 5530 started acting funny, I thought of getting a new one. My budget was 20K and Samsung Galaxy Core was what I got for it. My friends suggested me to get a Sony instead, but I didn’t like it’s design. Anyway this phone has got dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 4.5 GB of usable ROM, 5 MP back camera and VGA quality front camera, 4.3″ screen, as well as dual SIM capability and comes with Android OS 4.1.2 aka Jelly Bean. Good enough for me, all I hope is that it lasts for 2-3 years.

My Twitter Accounts

@Ekushey – 10,000+ followers – since February 21, 2007

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Double Your Dropbox Referral Space!

I needed about 6 GB of space to upload my pictures somewhere for backup, and my obvious choice was Dropbox. However, I only had 2.5 GB of space left which was definitely not enough. I received 2.25 GB of referral space by referring 9 people earlier, and now my only choice was to refer more people… or that is what I thought until I checked their blog for currents promotions. And here’s what I found out: anyone who verifies their .edu email address with Dropbox will receive double the usual referral space, that is 500 MB instead of 250 MB! My first impression was that this will only be applicable for new referrals, but to my surprise my existing referral space doubled as I verified mine, making enough space on my account to accommodate my pictures! The bonus limit doubled as well, not to mention.

Now all that you’ve to do to avail this offer is to head to and verify your .edu address. That will do the job, now enjoy your extra space!

Nucleus to WordPress

I’ve finally made the move — migrated this blog from Nuclues to WordPress.

The database migration went smooth (though I had to use some tricks), but I’ve now to fix the image URLs manually and also work on modifying the template. Over the next few days I guess, depending on when I’ve time in hand.

Adios to Nucleus, my faithful blog engine for 3½ years.

Samsung E250

I needed a second set for myself, so bought a cheap one — Samsung E250. It comes with all the stuff that I need, such as Bluetooth, EDGE, MP3/AAC support, Java, FM radio, and most importantly good looks… well, it has got it all.

It has a sucky camera (VGA, 640×480 pixels), but I’ll never need to use it. My Sony Ericsson W810i comes with a very good camera but I’ve hardly taken any shots with it. It will also no doubt have some very cool apps available including games, online bingo, videos and other things like that. I don’t need too many apps but it is always nice to have a few things to play around with.

E250 is very light-weight (80 grams) and has interesting features such as mobile tracker, voicemail, offline mode, and more. Not bad for a $100 phone!

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