Firefox 3.0 Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are fun, are they? Here are two easter eggs that you can find on your favourite browser, FF. :)

Type about:robots on Firefox 3.0 to get this easter egg:

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

Type about:mozilla to get this one:

The Book of Mozilla, Verse 11:9

Here, Mammon is Internet Explorer, which slept for the 5 years between releases. The beast reborn refers to Firefox, which gained supporters who self-organized through Spread Firefox, and undertook publicity for the browser, taking out an advertisement in The New York Times and making a crop circle shaped like the Firefox logo. The cunning of foxes is a direct reference to Firefox’s name. The new world refers to modern, standards based dynamic websites and open source applications. The latter half of the passage links to the Mozilla Manifesto and the about:Mozilla newsletter, and describes Internet Explorer as a follower. Additionally, this quote from the 10th edition, an allusion to the Mozilla Foundation’s 10th anniversary during the Firefox 3 development cycle.

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BCS Computer Show – Day 2

A big day for me, as it was the first time I’ve ever spoken on a seminar. The seminar was entitled “Free and Open Source Software: Development Opportunities”, and was jointly organised by BCS and BLUA.

Sumon bhai from BDCOM, Kamal bhai from CSE department of Dhaka University, and Sami bhai from Maisha Technologies spoke at the seminar, and I delivered my keynote speech. Welcome speech was provided by BCS President as it was the inaugural seminar of the Computer Show.

News item on Daily Prothom-Alo
News item on Daily Shamokal

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Linux TPD @ Sonargoan

Timeline: March 9 – March 13
Location: Central Gono Bidyalaya, Sonargoan

We organized a 5-day long Teacher Professional Development (TPD) training at Central Gono Bidyalaya at Sonargoan. The training provided 18 school teachers with intermediate-level IT skills while simultaneously teaching active educational methodologies. Over the course of the training, participants learned to use Fedora Core 5, OOo Writer, OOo Impress, OOo Calc, Nvu, KolourPaint, The GIMP, along with digital camera operation and the Internet. Food, accommodation and the training itself was provided free of cost.

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