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CCNA Preparation

CCNA Preparation

Since November 6th is the last day to sit for CCNA exam 640-801, I’ve decided to go for it. They are phasing out this syllabus and introduced 640-802 where they have added more complicated and junk issues.

I’ve started reading the CCNA Study Guide by Todd Lammle which has been lying on my shelf for quite some time. I hope I’ll be able to finish this 700-pages book within the next two weeks.

A friend of mine was nice enough to give me his spare Cisco 2501 router which I’m using to practice for the exam. Using a router is a much better choice than to use the simulators.

I’m hoping to sit for the exam by the end of this month and hopefully I’ll pass! Wish me luck, okay?

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  • Aargh, thanks, but I couldn’t sit for the exam due to a problem with the test center! I did got a refund, but by then all other test center’s schedules were filled up. I think a record number of people has sat for (and passed) the 640-801 exam on the last two weeks of October and first week of November.

    I’ll be sitting for the 640-802 exam sometime soon, hope I can pass it.

  • brother which institute is good for CCNA. i want to admit for ccna. if i could finish it 4/5 month then is better. so plz reply