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Double Your Dropbox Referral Space!

I needed about 6 GB of space to upload my pictures somewhere for backup, and my obvious choice was Dropbox. However, I only had 2.5 GB of space left which was definitely not enough. I received 2.25 GB of referral space by referring 9 people earlier, and now my only choice was to refer more people… or that is what I thought until I checked their blog for currents promotions. And here’s what I found out: anyone who verifies their .edu email address with Dropbox will receive double the usual referral space, that is 500 MB instead of 250 MB! My first impression was that this will only be applicable for new referrals, but to my surprise my existing referral space doubled as I verified mine, making enough space on my account to accommodate my pictures! The bonus limit doubled as well, not to mention.

Now all that you’ve to do to avail this limited offer is to head to and verify your .edu address. That will do the job, now enjoy your extra space!

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