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AWS Training Certificates

AWS Training Certificates

AWS Technical Professional Accreditation provides fundamental technical knowledge of AWS cloud computing, global infrastructure, services, common solutions, migration, security, and compliance. It is intended to empower learners to make informed decisions about IT solutions based on customer business requirements.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners course is designed specifically to help AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partners build their business with AWS. By learning about AWS best practices, APN Consulting Partners will be better able to meet customer business challenges. The course introduces concepts on how to uncover customer priorities (including CxO-level priorities), and provides content specific to AWS differentiators, AWS security and compliance, pricing optimization including TCO, and the migration/cloud adoption process. This instructor-led training is conducted through presentation, interactive discussion, and customer-centric practice role plays with live debrief sessions.

AWS Business Professional Accreditation provides fundamental knowledge on AWS products and services, including the key services that comprise AWS and core business value propositions. It is intended to enable learners with a foundation to effectively leverage AWS solutions to customers.

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