I’m considering sending a formal complaint to ICANN and IANA against BTTB. I’ll be meeting ICANN officials in February, and I’ll surely discuss about BTTB’s mismanagement of .BD ccTLD.

Here’s what raged my anger: I wanted to register a domain that expired over a year ago, but BTTB officials told me that it’s not possible if I’m not the “original” registrant. According to their dumb rule, anyone who registers a .BD domain becomes the “owner” of that domain for life. Even if he doesn’t pay the yearly due it’ll be marked as a registered domain and BTTB won’t allow anyone else to register it. Can BTTB get any more dumber than this? Do they understand how the domain registry business works?

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BTTB Hassle

Changing DNS entry for any TLD is done through the domain’s control panel, which takes nothing more than two minutes. However, if you want to do the same for your .BD domain, then you’ll have to go through lot of hassles, and moreover you’ll have to wait for more than a week! Here’s what my experience was like:

Day 1:  I went to BTTB’s Internet services office at Mogbazar, where they told to submit a formal application to the Division Engineer requesting him to change the DNS entries for my domain. They gave me a sheet of paper and showed me to a table to sit and write.

So I worte one and submitted it to the clerk. He told me that it’ll be taken care of the next morning.

Day 2:  I waited, hoping they are working on it.

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BTTB is Pain

Registering the BLUA domain was a nightmare — but renewing it was… errr, you decide. Here’s what I had to go through in order to renew it:

1. Last week, I went to Gulishan “One Stop” Center to know the renewal procedure, who referred me to “Data and Internet Services” department of Mogbazar BTTB office.
2. Called Mogbazar office today, and I learned that the only person who deals with the domain stuff is on leave. The lady who answered the phone advised me to call after half an hour.
3. I called again after half an hour, and this time some other guy picked up the phone and asked me to call another guy on another number. They probably don’t have an intercom system. Poor BTTB.
4. Called on the new number, but sadly, the guy I’m looking for wasn’t on his desk. I was told that he went upstairs. I was suggested to call after some time.
5. Called again after a while, and this time I was lucky. The guy I was looking for just returned for upstairs and informed me that Moghbazar office doesn’t deal with the domain renewal, and informed me to contact the contact Sher-E-Bangla Nagar office. He was also kind enough to give me the contact number of the person who is in charge of domain renewal.
6. Called up the guy in Sher-E-Bangla office, but he wasn’t available — he was out of office.
7. I waited till 12:00 and thought that I better goto Sher-E-Bangla Nagar office in person to find out whether if I can find some other way or not.
8. At 12:30 I entered the room where I’m supposed to get the documents to get the renewal process started. The guy who’s in charge (as referred by Moghbazar office) pointed me another table.
9. On that table, I told that I want renew my domain, and the lady wanted to see the “demand note” that I got when registering the domain. After showing it to her, she slowly opened her file cabinet and took out a file which had a pile of paper inside. As I peaked into the file, I found that it was actually the printouts of all the .bd whois records. She started scouring though the pages to find the entry for “linux.org.bd”. As the records were not sorted alphabetically or date-wise, she had to go through all the pages. At last, she couldn’t find my domain’s entry and asked the office assistant to help. The office assistant and I scoured through the pages, and after 10 minutes we finally found the entry. The file was given back to the lady, and she wrote down some stuffs on a ledger book and gave me a “To Be Payable” receipt.
10. Went downstairs to the bank booth, and paid the fee. Not much pain, the bank had their air conditioner on.
11. Had go to a nearby shop outside the office to photocopy the receipt that I got from bank.
12. Went to fourth floor again to give the copy of the receipt to the lady, who told that the renewal process is now partly complete. She notified that she’ll send the receipt to Moghbazar office, who’ll take care of the actual renewal process.
13. I got back home smoking Benson & Hedges Lights, and prayed to God to bless BTTB.

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