Google AdSense Cheque!

Mail from Google

Here’s an e-mail that I got from a Google recruiter:

I ran across your website today and was intrigued by your passion for computing and open source. You seem to have been quite involved with FOSS projects in the past and still, currently. I wanted to touch base with you to find out more about your current activities and interests, and to hopefully discuss potential engineering opportunities at Google. What do you think?

I don’t know if they would actually hire me or not, but it’s an honour to get noticed.

Job Offer from Google?

I got this interesting e-mail from Mansi Maihar, who claimed to be the “Technical Sourcer” of Engineering Team:

“It is an exciting time at Google and we are always looking for the very best talent to join us. In a gist, I am looking for engineers for multiple positions like Director, Manager and engineers with Unix Sys Admin and SW background with strong coding skills. Being responsible for running the website should be an absolute challenge for any Engineer.

We have multiple positions in various locations in the US and Europe. If this prospect is of interest to you, please get in touch with me as I will like to share your resume with the hiring engineers to see if there is match. You may also know engineers with this skill set who are looking for fresh challenges; I will appreciate it if you will pass my contact information to them. I would really appreciate if you can attach your updated resume and let me know which position and location is of your interest.”

I verified carefully, and I’m quite sure that this isn’t spam. The mail was actually “signed” by, and it was sent from a computer at Google’s Mountain View office.

Just to have an offer from Google is now considered an honour… so I’m honoured. I’ll try replying this person, let’s see what happens.

Unstable Google Earth 4 Beta

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Google Earth has crashed. This is a bug in the program, and should never happen under normal circumstances.

It was a great to see the native port of Google Earth for Linux, which was released 2 weeks ago. I downloaded it last week, but installed it today on my Mandriva box. I ran it, but it crashed.

I retried, but it kept on dying at random intervals. It lasted from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, while showing me the sneak peak of it’s capabilities. I zoomed on Buriganga river and saw some ships. The national stadium at Gulistan looked remarkable too.

I’m sure that the random crashes has something to do with my X server configuration, but right now I’m feeling too lazy to search for a fix. Google demanded that it works under Fedora 5 and Ubuntu 5.10, but I didn’t bother to check. I’ll patiently wait till the stable version of Google Earth 4 is out!

Gmail Powers Ekushey

Ekushey E-mail Service is now being powered by Gmail instead of I can now provide 2048 MB or 2 GB mailboxes for my users, which is 512% more than what I used to offer before. Any one who likes Gmail will like the new look and feel of Ekushey E-mail Service. Users can use all the popular Gmail features such as forwarding, POP access, calender, and so on. The only drawback is that they can’t create their own accounts — I’ll have to create them manually.

If you are looking for getting a fresh, professional looking e-mail address, then consider getting yourself an address. Simply drop me a line to get one! :)