YouTube and Google Blocked in Bangladesh

YouTube and Google Blocked in Bangladesh

This is simply insane and ridiculous, Bangladesh government has blocked YouTube as well as Google in the country. I can keep myself off from YouTube for a few days, but how the hell am I supposed to check my emails, access my online documents and spreadsheets as they are all hosted by Google Apps? Moreover how am I supposed to search on Internet now?

How can these people be so dumb to block access to Google? What the hell am I supposed to do with my Internet connection when I’m not being able access my emails and other important services provided by Google? Damn you stupid government, you just angered the youth of the country and we’ll answer you in the next election.

P.S. This is the second time Sheikh Hasina’s “digital” government has blocked YouTube, but Google for the first time. I’m calling it the Great Sahara Firewall as Sahara Khatun became the new telecom minister this week.

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  • This a totally absurd and sick mentality decision by our honorable government. I just curse my luck for being a citizen of the damn rule-less country… I’m yet to fathom the exact cause of this bloody crap decision… Really dont know how some so called intellectual people go for this kinda unskilled verdict… Is’t it like , oh headache, lets remove the head…the easy most adjustment… too much disgusted now to say some composed words… Actually want to say, people like me who become the first time voter for upcoming election are just gonna give a shit to the present Govt for their rotten thought process and noway sensible justifications….

  • We live in a independent country. I have full respect for my country. But i hate those corrupted people who is decreasing the reputation of Bangladesh. Our government told a website to delet a sick video from their website but they did not. How can those stupid people refuse a request of our government which is very disrespectful for our country. They are just a website not even a country or a city. They should not refuse a proposal of our government. Even a cofounder of youtube is bangladeshi. All the Muslim country should block youtube also google. im usng yahoo search engine and also did stop using google chrome and gmail. Going to stop using my android soon after i get the money to buy another cell phone. I hope all the people of our country should stop using all the product of google(example: google search engine, youtube, android. chrome etc). All the people of our country form all the religion who respect our country and love our country should avoid all the product of Google.