Dinosaur + Origami = Dinogami!

All the following models were folded from the book Dinogami by Mari Ono and Hiroaki Takai, using the supplied printed papers. The book was a gift from a fellow Redditor, Max Gourley from Canada.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is by far the most popular and famous of all the dinosaurs. It was strong and ferocious, feared by every other dinosaur, but I’ve folded this charming T. Rex that looks like it wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Origami Tyrannosaurus Rex


Triceratops usually had a docile nature but – as its name, meaning “face with three horns”, suggests – it was happy to use its size and fight predators if it was needed.

Origami Triceratops


Stegosaurus means “covered lizard”, from the large plates that stick up from the dinosaur’s back that helped with self-defence and regulating the animal’s temperature.

Origami Stegosaurus

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Hands in Hand

Once in a lifetime we all need a hand to pull us up, that helps us to see life in a different way. Presenting to you my photo project featuring 100 photos with 100 women and their stories. Stay tuned!

# 1:

Hands in Hand: 1 of 100

Living in Singapore for two decades, she didn’t forget her roots yet. Every winter she visits Bangladesh, and this was her 19th time; the vacation that she longs for the entire year.

She’s 27, Cancer, and an art graduate.

# 2:

Hands in Hand: 2 of 100

This is the day when her husband legally took back his commitment to stay together for a lifetime. There were many unanswered questions, incomplete emotions, broken dreams, yet she hopes to move on and enlighten her coming years with unexpected happiness and smile.

She’s 26, Sagittarius, and a business administration student.

# 3:

Hands in Hand: 3 of 100

Suffering from stage 2 breast cancer, she was getting her weekly dose of chemotherapy when this was shot. She’s one of the bravest woman I’ve met, fighting cancer with a smile… a battle that she’s destined to win.

She’s 29, Capricorn, and an IT professional.

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Singapore Night Shots

Singapore Night Shot: Esplanade Bridge

Singapore Night Shot: Left to the Esplanade

Singapore Night Shot: Right to the Esplanade

Singapore Night Shot: Raffles Boulevard

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Eternal Sleep

Narinda Christian Graveyard, located in Wari is one of the oldest witnesses of East India Company rule in Dhaka City.

Eternal Sleep

Resting in Peace

Final Resting Ground

Guardian Angels

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India Trip 2012

Timeline: January 11 – January 24
Places visited: Vellore, Chennai, Kolkata
Total distance travelled: Over 4,800 km


Indian Coast Gaurd

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