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AverTV Studio 203

I got myself an AverTV Studio 203 internal TV tuner card today. The good thing is that this nifty device works as a FM tuner as well. I can finally watch TV and listen to radio lying on my bed! πŸ™‚

AverTV Studio 203

Features of this TV card:

  • TV on PC
  • (no clue for guessing that!)

  • FM radio
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
  • Fully functional infrared remote control
  • Album feature for still image capture
  • Capture screen size up to 720 x 480 for NTSC
  • Video source and sideo Standard Selection
  • No feature connector or VGA loop-back cable required
  • Supports color and picture adjustments
  • Supports ACPI power management function
  • Closed captioned for NTSC (VxD only)
  • Coax, composite and S-Video Input
  • Supports NTSC, PAL N, PAL M

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