Dear Ones

Love Conquers All


Avishek is from Bangladesh, Gayatri is from India.
Avishek is Buddhist, Gayatri is Hindu.
Avishek was brought up in Dhaka, Gayatri was brought up in Bangkok.
And yet, they fell in love, and got married. Isn’t that wonderful?

Avishek and Gayitri

I wish all the best to this newly married couple, and hope they hold each other’s hand till the end of time.

A fact that should inspire all the lovers around the world is that Gayatri was the first girl whom Avishek ever asked out, and he was rejected him at first. The rest, is history.

In case you are wondering, Avishek is my childhood friend — I know him since the third grade. He moved to New Zealand with his family after our O’ Levels, where he met Gayatri.

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  • Dude I told ya a thousand tymz religion is not a matter….da important issue is whether u really love dat person or NOT? can u conquer da world for her or not? r u feelinz strong enuff to hold her HandZ tight for da rest of ur lyf? n bla bla…….dese r IMPORTANT!!!!
    From my point of view religion is simply a silly issue wen it cumz 2 relationshipz.

  • isssssssh!!! aschey jamet e islam er chamcha….brin'em infront of me…I only fear de 'ALMIGHTY' 😛 n not any crappy jackshiit so-called tupi pora moulana…..